The Power of Radio

Since I switch careers from Architecture to Radio. I see the power of broadcast media. How one song you play can affect someone or a certain words can move or offend. It is quite an amazing medium. That is why I really want to see the movie ‘Talk to Me’.

Academy Award nominee Don Cheadle portrays the one and only Ralph Waldo “Petey” Greene Jr.; Petey’s story is funny, dramatic, inspiring — and real. In the mid-to-late 1960s, in Washington, D.C., vibrant soul music and exploding social consciousness were combining to unique and powerful effect. It was the place and time for Petey to fully express himself — sometimes to outrageous effect — and “tell it like it is.”

If anyone has seen it or going to see it, let me know how it is.


My Favorite Festival So Far

Since moving to Milwaukee last year, I have been to many different festivals both large and small. Summerfest on several occasions, Irish Fest, Italian Fest, Brady Street Fest and various neighborhood festivals around the city. This past weekend I attended my favorite one so far. The Garfield Days Festival was a celebration of a neighborhood on the rise. The street was full of families and people of all ages strolling about participating in the event.

The air was thick with the pungent aroma of ribs, chicken, pork, brats and sausages on the grill as many of the areas best restaurants, as well as individual vendors, hawked their mouth watering delicacies. There was Jastacys and Garfields 502 right alongside of Mississippi Otis selling his roastin’ ears and a few church groups selling sweets.

My wife and I ordered a rib tip dinner with mac & cheese, greens and hot water corn bread that was more than enough for both of us. The woman who sold it to us commented on our accents and asked where in the South we were from. When we replied Kentucky she said “this ‘oughtta taste like home to you.” She was right. Greens, Sweet potatoes, fried chicken, barbecue of all types, okra, cornbread, sweet tea, etc…the African-American community calls it soul food. We always just called it supper. Same thing though. Simple food expertly and deftly prepared by Southerners both black and white. It did taste like home and we loved it.

We also loved the price. It cost us all of $8 bucks. We washed it down with a couple of beers at $2 bucks each! You read that correctly. A cup of Miller draft beer cost 2 dolla no holla! When was the last time you attended a festival of any kind where you could buy a $2.00 beer? If they can sell Miller products at that price and still turn a profit, why are we taken advantage of at most other events. The prices at Summerfest are downright shameful. $5.00 for a bottle of beer!? OUCH! $4.00 for a cup of draft? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! That should be a crime.

Why are we being gouged so hard? Who sets these prices? Is it the vendors? The festival producers/promoters? The breweries? The beer distributors?

We’ve just about quit buying anything at any event at Summerfest grounds. We feel like suckers forking over nearly $30.00 for two mediocre pulled pork sandwiches and a couple of Miller beers. I have a suggestion. They should invite the vendors from Garfield Days with their reasonably priced Southern cuisine and cold beer to participate at next years Summerfest.

Site of the Day: Beer meets Myspace


I thought this was be a cool site of day since I live in Brew City. The site is called Coastr. It is a social network for beer lovers.

Coastr is a simple and free service for people who love beer. Our goal is to allow you to connect with other passionate, like-minded people in order to discover new brews that you would have otherwise not known about.

The site is broken up by exploring types of beers and places to brink beers.  Under exploring beers, you search by style, origin, brewery, and tag. You can add your bown beer to the database.  Under places to drink, there are plenty of cities to search for places; however, Milwaukee is not one of them.  I find this kind of upsetting.  Hey Milwaukee we need to represent. Minneapolis is on there and their beer can’t compare to Milwaukee!

So Milwaukee, What is your favorite local beer/brewery?

German Language=Sexy

On the air, I mentioned that there is a stereotype that the German language is not as sexy as French.  The singer from Germany, Joy Denalane a singer from Germany can easily disspell that stereotype. Check out her video here.

Joy Denalane – Sag’s Mir

My Top 5 Favorite Guitar Players

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my favorite guitar players and how my list does not include most of the usual suspects. Most of the “Guitar Gods” are not here. There’s no Hendrix, Clapton, Page or Beck (that would be Jeff, not Hanson). Those are all fine guitarists to be sure, but I’ve always liked the more rhythmic players. The slinky cats who play with a healthy dose of rhythm oil on their fingertips.

So, in no particular order, here are five of my very favorite guitar slingers.

1.    Ike Turner

2.    Robert Ward

3.    Eddie Hinton

4.    Pops Staples

5.    Ernie Isley

Funky Floor Shakers & Solid Soul Senders

Like many people, I love a wide variety of music. Everything from the bone chilling, high lonesome vocals of bluegrass pioneer Ralph Stanley to the sacred steel sound of the Campbell Brothers to the Memphis soul of O.V. Wright to the big southern sounds of My Morning Jacket and the organic, instrument driven hip hop of K-OS.

As wide ranging as that short list is, there is one common thread that connects them all. There is a soulfulness and authenticity that courses through all of these artists. They are products of their time and place. They are not manufactured by Hollywood or some New York publicist or record label executive.

This is the kind of music that moves me. It should sound like it has been dragged through the dirt a little bit. It’s got to have the grit and the grease. I have to feel it in the heart, the gut or the groin.

Who are the artists that move you in a similar way?

The Ultimate Mashup(Blend)

Since no one gave me an Iphone and my birthday is coming up(you still have time).  If I see an Iphone and it is not mine. This is what I am thinking…

Just make sure you are not using your Iphone around me near kitchen equipment.