Northern Room on Today’s 414 Music

Northern Room 

Tune in today to 414 Music, where we will have the band Northern Room in our Studios.

Formed in the Autumn of 2004, Andrew Jonathan, Michael Morgan and brothers Micah and Tony Olla emphatically pieced together this celestial rock outfit to employ their delay pedals, vintage keyboards and the hundreds of melodies running through their heads. The band held off the standard rituals of touring to write the greatest songs of their lives. Then, in the Spring of 2005, they fled their home state of Wisconsin for almost five weeks and recorded their early masterpiece – the Last Embrace EP – in Nashville, Tennessee.

You can download the track, ‘We’re on Fire’ here.

Northern Room – We’re On Fire


Kanye West and Education

Kanye West Education

I really have a lot of respect for Kanye West as an artist and a person. Yes I know, he has had his moments in the media with his temper tantrums. However, he is one of the few artists that is passionate about is craft and art. To put it honestly, he is one of the few people that really says what is on his mind. In addition to that, he really cares about is community. Take his Kanye West Foundation for example. The goal of the foundation is to help kid in schools by providing creative outlets and programs in music for the kids.

Now he has joined a program called ED in 08. What is ED in 08?

Strong American Schools is a nonpartisan public awareness and action campaign offering a voice to every American who supports “ED in 08.” Our goal is to ensure that the nation engages in a rigorous debate and to make education a top priority in the 2008 presidential election. We hope that candidates will offer genuine leadership rather than empty rhetoric and tell voters how they intend to strengthen America’s schools so all students receive the education they deserve.

Check it out and sign up. Let your politicians know how important it is. Because frankly, the education system is not fair across board. A good education not only makes a difference for a kid, but for our whole society.

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A Good Friend and Writer

I have friend since Middle School who now live out east.  He has been like a brother to me.  He is amazing friend. He is also amazing writer.  Check out his new blog called the Drunken-Doodler.  It is quite insightful and moving.  Here is an excerpt:

Cynic with Flair, as usual, has posted a very interesting post about the Armenia genocide perpetrated by the Turks in 1915. She claims that 500,000+ Armenians perished.

I have to disagree with her.

So many more perished.

This is a dated rendering of my partial family tree.

I can actually trace my lineage back thirty-seven generations.

My daughters can trace their lineage back thirty-eight generations.

The first generation on this family tree is my paternal grandfather.

The next generation is his children and includes my father.

My father is circled in red, and he had two kids.

My big brother and I are the two x-marks.

Many more of my cousins have kids.

If someone were to have killed my grandfather before he ever had any children, one person would not have died but well over thirty today. In time, countless generations would have potentially been forever lost by one act of malice.

Five hundred thousand Armenians did not perish in the genocide perpetuated by the Turks but rather all of the countless generations that would be alive today had the lives of those five hundred thousand Armenians not been ended before their time.

That is the true tragedy of killing another human being….

This Why DJs Rule…

I found this over one ofmy favorite blogs, The Couch Sessions. I love being a DJ, and it is nice to see stuff like this. However, I now need to step up my game. Damn!!!

Chip Cruz on 414 Music Today

Chip Cruz

Tune into RadioMilwaukee for 414 Music during the 5pm hour with Scott Mullins. Chip Cruz will be in the studio to talk to Scott and perform live.

Chip painstakingly developed a distinctive, complex style using the only two functional fingers on his right hand. A mind-boggling blend of fingerpicking and two-handed fretboard tapping, Chip’s technique has been compared to such guitar innovators as Michael Hedges, Leo Kottke, Keller Williams, Monte Montgomery and Stanley Jordan.

When Dogs Go Bad…

Today’s 414 Music


On today’s 414 Music, Scott Mullins will have Sevostapol in the studios during the 5pm hour.

Combining elements of Roots, Folk, Classic Country, and Americana , Sevastopol serves up a satisfying brew of original compositions and familiar cover tunes.  Made up of Steve Smith, Mark Walczak, Paul Sendry, Jill Guse, and Mark Peterson, Sevastopol’s savory blend of vocals, acoustic guitars, bass, keyboard and percussion leaves audiences asking for seconds.


Sevastopol ’s musical influences include Neil Young, Bob Dylan, The Band, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Son Volt. Their repertoire features original material as well as classic numbers by artists ranging from Chris Isaak to Hank Williams to Uncle Tupelo.  

Sevostapol – All Messed Up

Sevostapol – Milwaukee Stroll

They will be performing tonight at Wells Street Tavern from 8pm-11pm.  Wells Street Tavern is located at 505 Wells Street, Delafield. 262-646-4070.