MIA Hips Us To The Haters


Almost just passing along the news today on this blog here before I take a short vacation. I ran across this story about some serious business; censorship and such. Seems MTV and TV did not care for the gunshots in one of her videos. M.I.A. posted a blog on her MySpace page this weekend, upset over that censored version of the video for “Paper Planes,” the third single from her sophomore album, Kala. The song’s chorus features gunshot sounds, which were removed by MTV. Directed by Bernard Gourley (50 Cent’s “Follow My Lead”), the video portrays M.I.A. as a street vendor and is free of violent imagery, something the singer said she made to fit an MTV audience. The gunshots were also removed during a recent performance on CBS’ Late Show With David Letterman, but were reportedly present during an earlier sound check, according to the singer.

“I did fight for the sound, because putting meaning in your videos, in my opinion, is a dying art,” she said, reminding her fans that “there is no such thing as an ‘approved censored version’ of ‘Paper Planes.'”  That said here is the censored version from Letterman…

And here is the original…you be the judge…

Guru Amrit


Dubstep Heroes, and A Burial


For many dubstep is a word that means little, maybe the glimmer is there and there is an understanding that it is one of dub’s children, perhaps as a relative of techno or dance music. In any case, it is my favorite tribe at the moment and this year’s joy has been the inspiration of this surprising scene. I have found a lot of artists and songs in the genre that I really like and the rise of dubstep has been mirrored by its exposure within the DJ scene. Already, the style of the sound is percolating up to the pop level and my inclination is to believe that it will continue. Some of my favorite albums this year have been from the bass-crushing vaults of the scene’s pioneers, like Skream or Caspa; but my favorite has to be the New album from Burial, Untrue. But, as I said dubstep may be new for you so here is a primer… Continue reading

The Figureheads on this Friday’s 414 Music


Tune into this Friday’s 414 Music at 5:30pm where Scott Mullins welcomes The Figureheads to RadioMilwaukee Studios. An amazing hip hop group that also helps out the the community.  Catch them live December 19th at Jackalope Lounj.  The Jackalope Lounj is located at 

343 N. Broadway in Milwaukee.

The Figureheads – “If”

Video Tuesday: Mapei

Mapei? C’mon man what am I thinking with this one? I really don’t know though I have had moments of prescience in the past…

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Joe Puerta and Friends on Today’s 414 Music


Get in the holiday spirit. Today on 414 Music at 5:30pm, Scott welcomes Joe Puerta and Friends to the studio to celebrate the release of the album “Christmas Dreams” from his group Maji. Get in the spirit with this live performance of original Christmas music.  He will be performing live at Turner Hall this Sunday, December 9th.

Get Your Milwaukee Music Bundle


Today, you can show your support for Milwaukee Music and for your favorite station!
Starting today through Sunday December 9, when you make a $75 donation to RadioMilwaukee you’ll be able to build your own Milwaukee Music Bundle – your choice of three CDs from some of Milwaukee’s best artists. It’ll make a great addition to your music collection, and you’ll be supporting 88Nine at the same time!

Of Pop Hip Hop and Anti-(Hip)Pop

Fans of one of hip hop’s highest stages of evolution rejoice, The Antipop Consortium (APC) are back together again and in the studio recording another album. Make no mistake, these cats aren’t even close to as popular as they should be; not with Jay-Z and Kanye holding it down but they are good. So it was a groan I let loose when I discovered that they had broken up.

That was 2002, and since then the group has redeemed itself individually as Beans would go on to record some fine records while his erstwhile groupmates, High Priest and M. Sayyid would go on to form a group called Airborn Audio and record an album for Ninjatune Records

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