Of Pop Hip Hop and Anti-(Hip)Pop

Fans of one of hip hop’s highest stages of evolution rejoice, The Antipop Consortium (APC) are back together again and in the studio recording another album. Make no mistake, these cats aren’t even close to as popular as they should be; not with Jay-Z and Kanye holding it down but they are good. So it was a groan I let loose when I discovered that they had broken up.

That was 2002, and since then the group has redeemed itself individually as Beans would go on to record some fine records while his erstwhile groupmates, High Priest and M. Sayyid would go on to form a group called Airborn Audio and record an album for Ninjatune Records


They were one of those crews that made a name for themselves by being decidedly well…anti-pop, releasing their music initially only on mix tapes(ie. actual tapes) and spreading the word on Xerox-ed stickers. Their popularity was word-of-mouth and the kids that were into them were of two sorts: b-boy purists and the avant-art crowd of NYC.

Being both though neither, I loved their stuff and bought it up. Now however, with more music soon to be released, I’m extra excited. So when I found a video, I got excited and wanted to share a taste of what to expect. The first video is High Priest’s new single “Pitfalls”, an eerie (and powerful) rap-critique of minorities in the military and probably the best political hip hop video this year…

Then there’s Beans, who has had a lot of successes on his own since the group disbanded, and in the video here he’s waxing on hip hop and a number of other subjects…

and last but not least, a clip of the APC in action, doing something super-fresh for MTV France that just proves to me that they(the French) may be more true on hip hop than most of the US…enjoy…

Guru Amrit


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