Video Tuesday: Mapei

Mapei? C’mon man what am I thinking with this one? I really don’t know though I have had moments of prescience in the past…


…and I think I am having one now though only a few months will need to pass if I need to learn to laugh this one off. Mapei, almost sounds like a species of bird or an incredibly funny looking cat, but make no mistake, Mapei is the $#!++ and I gots the proof. Taste on this pudding and see for yourself, here’s “Videovixens”…

And some live material that’s fresh too, from Sweden, I think…

Three videos are better than two…and you may still need some convincing…

And the last details that put me on this thread in the first place are that her producer is a cat by the name of Switch who is having a breakout year himself working with Miss Santi White aka Santogold. Furthermore, Mapei and Santogold have been collaborating and that’s after teaming up with Spank Rock for some hot hotness, open a window… My point is watch out because there will be more words on this subject in the future.

Guru Amrit.


One Response

  1. damn. that’s why she was tryin’ to get ahold of me. well, i missed the video, but look for my booty plus those of three other hotties May 10th @ Bucketworks and we’ll have you singin’ “boom cha cha boom boom cha…” thanks for all the exotic vibrations G.A.S….

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