MIA Hips Us To The Haters


Almost just passing along the news today on this blog here before I take a short vacation. I ran across this story about some serious business; censorship and such. Seems MTV and TV did not care for the gunshots in one of her videos. M.I.A. posted a blog on her MySpace page this weekend, upset over that censored version of the video for “Paper Planes,” the third single from her sophomore album, Kala. The song’s chorus features gunshot sounds, which were removed by MTV. Directed by Bernard Gourley (50 Cent’s “Follow My Lead”), the video portrays M.I.A. as a street vendor and is free of violent imagery, something the singer said she made to fit an MTV audience. The gunshots were also removed during a recent performance on CBS’ Late Show With David Letterman, but were reportedly present during an earlier sound check, according to the singer.

“I did fight for the sound, because putting meaning in your videos, in my opinion, is a dying art,” she said, reminding her fans that “there is no such thing as an ‘approved censored version’ of ‘Paper Planes.'”  That said here is the censored version from Letterman…

And here is the original…you be the judge…

Guru Amrit


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