Are You Feeling This: Constantines

I was the last person to leave the station last night and on my way out the door I stopped by Scott Mullins’ desk to take a quick look through the piles of CDs that had been submitted to the station over the past week. When I got the the bottom of a pile in the middle of Scott’s desk, despite the fact that I was all alone at 88Nine, I let out an audible “OH, YES!” when I saw Constantine’s new album “Kensington Heights” (at an independent record store near you 4/28/08).

I first saw Toronto’s Constantines in 2001 at the Empty Bottle in Chicago. It remains among the best live shows I have seen in my life, followed close behind by another of their shows I saw at the same venue in 2004. I’m trying to figure out how to get to their 4/24 show (again at the Bottle) despite having to attend a maternity class with my wife Carrie that night (our “d-day” is 10 weeks away) and flying out of Mitchell at 6am the next morning.

Believe it: live music can be a religious experience.

But as incendiary as their live shows are, I probably wouldn’t be making the effort to make the trip if I hadn’t heard the new album. Let’s just say that I spent a half hour in my garage when I got home because I couldn’t stop listening to it.

Here’s the song I’m going to be lobbying to get some airplay on 88Nine:

Constantines: “Brother Run Them Down”

Let me know what you think.



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  2. Nice one. I would love to see them live.

  3. Yes Sam! The Constantines put on a show I will never forget as well. It was 2 years ago at The Sasquatch Music Festival at The Gorge in Washington State. ( The Festival takes part every Memorial Day Weekend. The line-up is always full of up and comers mixed with seasoned veterans.

    As I mentioned,I had the opportunity to catch The Constantines 2 years ago. It was one of the most intense concert experiences of my concert going career. Due partly to the music, but due in large part to the fact that they played during a hail storm! The Gorge is located right in the Columbia River Gorge in mid Washington. Due to this fact, it is susceptible to some pretty crazy mood swings. This day a wicked hail storm moved in with little to no warning. As the crowed scattered for cover, The Constantines took the opportunity to feed off the violent weather and truly rocked. I was fortunate enough to find cover under the soundboard tent. I found new cover shortly after I realized I was standing in a puddle of water surrounded by hella amps of power. I was directly under the blue tent seen in the video below. Check out the video. It only somewhat captures the feeling of the moment. It was rock and roll at it’s finest.



  4. […] man Sam posted a real cool post on the Constantines a while back. I really dig them. So I hooked up a free download for y’all […]

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