Video: Lykke Li, “Breaking It Up”

One of two of my favorite Swedes (the other one is Kissey Asplund) Lykke Li is about to take America by storm.  Her album Youth Novels is due out later this fall and she will be in Chicago sometime in September or October.  Check out the latest video for “Breaking it Up”


Freebie: Doomtree, “Game Over”

Some of you might heard of the Minneapolis label and hip hop crew Rhymesayers. However, there is another crew that has been creating a noise for the past few years. The crew goes by Doomtree. Rhymesayer artist P.O.S. is one of the founding member of this 11 member crew consisting of MCs, DJs, and producers. Here at RadioMilwaukee, we recently added the song “Sadie Hawkins” by Dessa of Doomtree. Even though the crew is all about hip hop, they definitely has a punk d.i.y. ethos to their sound. They just dropped their official crew record this past week and it is sonically impressive.

The self-titled album, DOOMTREE, is a landmark for the group and a self-proclaimed beast. With 21 tracks, not only does the record build the momentum of the crew, but it also highlights their talents as solo artists. With an already outstanding catalog including fans of punk and indie rock, and rap purists, this release is sure to rally an even bigger audience with the call for independent thought. As Doomtree says, “The anthems are victorious, the storysongs are full of dream and intrigue, and the bangers reset pacemakers.”

Download: Doomtree – “Game Over feat. Mictlan, Paper Tiger & Turbo Nemesis”

Also check out their video for Drumsticks from the crew record (via Sound Verite)

New Music Wednesday (7/30/08): Julianna Hatfield, NAS, Paul Weller & Pete Rodriguez

For this week’s New Music Wednesday, we’ve got 4 new tracks for you: music from a former member of legendary punk band The Jam; something from one of hip hop’s greatest MCs (and critics); a great new tune from a veteran of the early 90s alt rock scene; and cool new remix of a Fania classic.

Listen to the tracks below and then let us know what you think by voting for your favorite tune. We’ll announce the winner next week.

Here are the songs:

NAS – “Hero”

Juliana Hatfield – “The Lonely Love” featuring Richard Butler

Pete Rodriguez – “I Like It Like That” (Aaron Jerome Remix)

Paul Weller – “Have You Made Up Your Mind”

Are You Feeling This (7/30/08): Matthew Sweet, Nikka Costa, Danielia Cotton

Every Wednesday night at 9 we test out a couple of songs — you tell us if you think they deserve more airplay. Listen to this week’s songs below and then vote in the poll.

Which song are you feeling???

Matthew Sweet
Matthew Sweet “Byrdgirl”

From Sweet’s forthcoming album “Sunshine Lies,” due in stores August 26, 2008.

Nikka Costa
Nikka Costa
“Stuck To You”

From blue-eyed soul singer Costa’s new album, due this Fall.

Danielia Cotton
Danielia Cotton “Testify”

From the Jersey-based singer-songwriter’s 2008 sophomore album “Rare Child.”

Freebie: Izza Kizza is here!

Just found about this from the guys over at The Fader. As some of you know we had a song called “Walk the Dawg” from Izza Kizza who is protege of the producer Timbaland. The song is from a forthcoming mixtape entitled Kizzaland. Well, that forementioned mixtape is no longer forthcoming. It is now available as a free download. As I said before this is the year of the mixtape. So grab it, and let me know what you think.

Don’t Sleep On… Sub Swara

And I know you won’t… But what it is, is the missing link between dubstep, dancehall, hip hop, techno and middle-eastern rhythms. Sub Swara is what it’s called. And even then, it’s more than it seems, being both title of a crew and their name for the evening that they host at NYC’s Love bar. Brilliant is their laid-back star, and the bass wobbles, anchoring deep tabla grooves and spinning middle-eastern melodies of such richness Hamza el-Din would be astonished, Merzbow in shock and of course Marcus has them on lock. Two years in the making, Coup d’Yah, the crew’s latest effort, unleashes the devastating bass-weighted sound which has become the recognized trademark of the crew’s eponymous NYC club night and its blazing live sets. Coup spans a broad spectrum, from the dub-wise depths to dancefloor crushing bangers.

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“Say Goodbye To Love” Remix Kenna Feat. Lupe Fiasco

You may remember the track we rocked heavy a couple of months back, “Say Goodbye To Love” from Kenna with the hotness on production that was screaming out Star Trak… Pharrell that is homies! 🙂 Here is a remix with the “fire marshal” of Hip-Hop himself, Lupe Fiasco.

Check out the image below, props to the photographer, a fine composition indeed! I can almost hear Pharrell asking Kenna “are you going to make sure they see your face?”… it looks like a dramatic view of Kilimanjaro behind him. Put your K’s up Kenna fans!