Sound Travels: Warm for Cool… Samba Brazil


Thank you all, as ever, for checking out the vibe here with Sound Travels. This week I was feeling the cold to my bones as the weather took a natural turn toward that special Wisconsin degree so I chose to treat this dread I tend to get as winter rolls in, with some music from a place much warmer. I do this a lot, and it probably goes a long way to understanding my love of tropical music even though I haven’t travelled to many of the warm climates whose music I like to play.


Today’s hot destination is Brazil, a country I have dreams about travelling to. Never been there mind you, but after hearing the music from Brazil some years ago, I was hooked and never looked back…except for the fact that I never left, simply loved to be taken to there with the music. Brazil is a big place however, big and diverse, with a range of music reflecting that fact. So as I got down to the mix it was quickly apparent that so much had to be left out just to make the mix work. Sad but true, but still good for you. How so? Today we’ll go to Southern Brazil, and get warmed by some samba sounds from Rio de Janeiro and I’ll keep the groove in line for you enjoy this bit of time. Besides, there’s always next week, when I’ll go back to Brazil for more inspiration from some of their other music styles.

Oh yeah, enjoy the mix…

Sound Travels 11/28/08: Samba Brazil




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