Sound Travels: Stories…


…as in yours. That’s right, I want to hear about your adventures in the world. Got any tales of the improbable, adventure or simply interesting? Well let me hear about them, I am looking for your help to inspire my travels in sound on Sound Travels.

It makes sense to me to ask you for travel stories, I have always loved hearing about peoples’ trips, both real and imagined; my own experiences for the bedrock of my own interest in global sounds, so why not add yours to the mix? Feel free to comment your tale here, or e-mail me at, so I can let people hear your tale and so that i can craft a mix from your story as either a point of inspiration or as a straight up cue to move the direction of my mix. Let me know, and Be Heard!



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  1. I went on a cruise last December with my boyfriend to The Bahamas, Grand Caymen and Ochos Rios, Jamaica. When we arrived into port at Jamaica, it was as if we were in another land. It just didn’t compare to any of the other stops. Ochos Rios is just so luscious and green. Where ever we went, we heard drumming. Drumming everywhere. We climbed Dunns River Falls (600ft). Incredible experience. After that, we hung out at the beach with the locals. Such a relaxed atmosphere with the sounds of the ocean, exotic birds and good people. Foget you worries and head to Jamaica.
    We loved it so much we are going back this month for a week long stay in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

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