Freebie: Milwaukee’s Kid Cut Up presents the official New Common Mix Tape

Milwaukee STAND UP for your boy KID CUT UP!

This year has been amazing for our hometown hero from the No Request Sound System Crew…

He began his own radio show, took over Milwaukee’s Hip Hop scene as the go-to DJ, was the man at Scribble Jam, DJ’d for KRS-ONE and just this last week he put out the official mixtape for Common’s new album …

Can I Borrow 99 Cents

Kid Cut Up was asked by 24/7 HH and Common to create this Common mix to get listeners ready for Common’s upcoming UNIVERSAL MIND CONTROL album

Due out on Geffen Records / Good Music Tuesday December 9th 2009. You can buy the entire album on ZUNE for only $0.99. Yeah 99 Cents… That’s less than then a tank of gas, and much less then you paid for the last 50 Cent album….

Big shout out to Kid Cut Up for this amazing mix. Download it for free HERE.



One Response

  1. Thats amazing, Im a huge fan of common and as a dj I got nothing but respect for kid cut up-hes doing his thing. This is good for the city all around keep up the good work.

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