Sound Tavels Live…with Jose Conde

soundtravels_logo2images2As You know we had a very special guest on Sound Travels today, one that made me call an an audible as I had planned to kick out another set of Brazilian music. But when you get a call from Alverno’s David Ravel asking if you have a moment for an interview with an artist like Jose Conde…you say yes.

That’s what I did, why not? Jose Conde’s is an artist who I’ve liked since I picked up his latest cd, 2007’s excellently funky (R)Evolucion. His sound is equal parts New Orleans funk and Haitian compas mixed with traditional Cuban and Puerto Rican images-1rhythms , a tasty  guisado or stew of Caribbean flavors. The cd is definitely highly recommended from me…

…as is his show Saturday night at Alverno’s Pittman Theater, the show starts at 8pm and I am cutious to see who shows up. People that can feel this sound are likely going to get down when they condehomepagehear Jose play with his band Ola Fresca(Spanish for Fresh Wave), and those are the people I like to meet. If you’re going, and you see me there make sure you say hi.

If you heard the show today,  you know the show will be special. I started the interview with a cut from the album to give a feel for the entire band’s sound, “Ride La Ola” which has legendary New Orleans drummer Zigaboo Modeliste on the drum kit. After that set up, Jose worked an acoustic set– just the man and his guitar and performed a couple of the songs he plans to play tonight “El Chacal” (from his latest cd) and a new song “Mata Palo.” If you missed it, check it out here…


here’s a video for you if you want to see the art in action…


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