Yes. It is cold.

It seems all I hear these days is how cold it is in Milwaukee. Yes. Yes, I know. It can get pretty hard not to get dragged down by the cold (the frigid cold), wind, ice, and snow but luckily we live in a city and state that thrives through the winter months and offers plenty to keep us light. So I encourage everyone to get out and jump into some of what Milwaukee makes of its snowy time of year. Here are some of the things I am looking forward to this season:

Snowboarding for the first time. Every winter I tell myself it’s time but with the help of friends I am strapping in this season.

We still get great live shows though the icky months so odds are I will find myself at a live venue pretty often.

The Milwaukee Art Museum is a great place to hide away with a couple cocktails during their Art After 5 or MAM After Dark series. Especially if you grab some of that heated, underground parking.

A trip to Italy to visit family will be in the books and I am way past due for some Italian lessons either online or at UWM.

An overnight stay at the cozy County Clare.

Frequent potluck dinners with close friends. And those inspire me to take a class at the Milwaukee Public Market.

Indulging in some of the city’s warming comfort foods (Three Brothers and Maxie’s Southern Comfort, for example).

Half price wine night on Sundays at Balzac for an amazing bottle of red wine and more time with people I love.

Ice skating at Red Arrow Park.

Something new I am looking forward to this year is live music at the newly renovated Domes.

And snuggles with a good movie and loved ones. Lots and lots of snuggles.

So, fill me in – I would love to hear some of your plans or favorite activities!


3 Responses

  1. Great suggestions! I have never been to the Domes.

  2. isn’t there a polar bear club in milwaukee that you can convince tarik to join so that he can swim naked in some frigid lake??? i would love to hear an audio recording of that!

  3. Snuggles and snowboarding! Hooray! But do not attempt simultaneously.

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