DIY Arts and Crafts meets Web 2.0: Ponoko


With the recession going on, people are trying to be creative with their gift giving this season.  What do you thinking about making cool gifts with your computer and maybe making some money as well.  This is where the site Ponoko comes in.

We wanted to create a place where you could shop for and make things that are completely original, and do this in the greenest way possible.

So we made Ponoko … the first online shop for individualized goods – things designed and made just for you.

Right now you can shop the marketplace for designer crafted goods, request a designer to make something especially for you, or create and make something yourself.

And if you want to turn your creativity into cash, you can set up your own Internet shop to sellyour designs and products using our web commerce and digital make-on-demand services. No set up fees. No monthly fees. No listing or sales fees. No minimum orders. No inventory. Simply click to design, make, sell and deliver your creativity to the world, at your own speed.


There are variety ways that you can create you idea. You can use Designmake which utilize the templates for you graphic application such as Adobe Illustrator. You just need to download their free starter kit to get started. The second way is called Photomake. It is for those who do not have the software or don’t know how to use some of the graphic software.  In this way, you use photograph or scan of something you design on paper by hand. Check out this video for more details on Photomake.

Once you have your design, you pick the type of materials which your gift/product is made of. There are material such as metal, acrylic, corrugated cardboard, styrene, plywood, whiteboard and more. 

Here are some examples of products people have created on Ponoko.

The “Franklin” Art Deco Acrylic Lamp 

Side Table

If you need help in creating your design they have even created a whole bunch of video tutorials.

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