Don’t Sleep On Heavy D

That’s right, that Heavy D. Old school as hell, rappin since the beginning and got sorta big time  in the early 90’s, that Heavy D.. Damn, I had forgotten about him. That is, until it was made aware to me that he was in fact not dead, actually, had a brand new album and even more surprising, that it was good. Sceptical, I checked it out…and it’s really good, and it’s like nothing I’ve heard him do, which is lock the patois and rock the mic in a reggae fashion. Fiyuh!515b0132ywl_sl500_aa240_

Lover’s Rock is really how he flips it on his new album Vibe, which dropped in September this year, as he alternates though smooth love songs sung in a distinct Jamaican patois that is not fake, Heavy is from the JA and move to NYC as a kid, where he started rapping and fored the crew that would later become Heavy D and The Boyz. The trip he’s been on since has included acting in a number of films and TV shows as well as a few albums that some claim to be underated. Don’t know about them, but I can tell you this, the cut “Long Distance Girlfriend” is fresh, check it out for yourself…

Heavy D. – Long Distance Girlfriend



3 Responses

  1. I’m diggin the new direction of Heavy D in this song! Remind me of old school Chip Fu from Fu-schnickens and his new reggae sound.

  2. This album is dope but its going to be slept on unfortunately. 88.9, you guys need to start playing more Heavy D.

  3. Katie – Biggup! and the Chip Fu connection is smart, he’s got an album ready for release that will surprise people like Heavy is right now.

    Astro – I totally agree!

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