What is this Twitter thing? And How Do I Tweet?


Some people been asking me how do I follow RadioMilwaukee on Twitter, and what is it?  Well here is a short video for those who are new to twitter and tweeting.  Once you watch, follow RadioMilwaukee and see what we are up to.


8 Responses

  1. I’ve never seen that explaination of Twitter before. I should really pass that around to all the people who look at me like a crazed lunatic for spendig so much time on the site.


  2. I think twitter has moved beyond the “I’m having a cup of coffee” phase and now it is sort of a room full of people having many conversations and whenever you want to jump in you can.

  3. happy new year…

    i thought i would pass that along on here instead of twitter.

    thanks for following me on twitter, but i don’t know if i will ever post any updates yet… like you really care if i am having a cup of english tea, which youn is incredibly good at making…

    speaking of whom, she is sad you wont be in town longer.

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  5. Being ancient, I have never learned how to “teitter.” I would appreciate enlightenment in this area. I am a normal old man with things to say, and I need a forum. Anybody out there with the juice to take me on?

  6. Common! Yes, I misspelled twitter, but that shouldn’t preclude my ossification. Common! Let me in on the secret of Tweeting!

  7. Please help me, I am clueless on this twitter thing. Any advice?

  8. No actually it is not interesting in the slightest. Gen Y might think that every banal aspect of their meaningless lives is interesting but to the rest of us is boring and pointless. I dont care what you are doing!

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