Is there still good Hip Hop for the 30-Something rap fans?

The older I get, the more I HATE pop Rap. I have these debates with my fellow music peers. Some say as a DJ , I just need to have a better grip on what is going on in popular urban music. I often don’t even knows ome of the tracks my fellow Rusty Ps members ask me to play….
This all stems, I believe, from the time I fell in love with Hip Hop. As a young boy, Public Enemy, the Beastie Boys and Run DMC were some of my favorite groups. But I also loved Metallica, Aerosmith and Guns and Roses.
I was more attracted to how music made me feel, than what was being said. As I got even older, I leaned more toward Public Enemy and Tribe Called Quest and further away from NWA and the Ghetto Boys. As an adult I love the fun music those last two groups created, but I was turned off by the themes and messages I couldn’t relate to as a middle class kid in Kenosha Wisconsin.
The older I get the more “nestolgic” I get over music, especially rap. When I began DJing in 1998, I was pretty unaware of the AMAZING classic rap hits that had been produced just 5-6 years earlier. This was in many ways due to my love for 90s alternative rock. I had more Weezer and Green Day than Masta Ace or Black Sheep. My search for those records still continues today as Hip Hop culture has become a part of my everyday life.
I often have discussions with my friends about how I find myself “bored with rap”. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE HIP HOP, but there is a very short list of popular rap artists I can stand listening to. Jay Z, Ludacris, Nas, and a few other POP RAPPERS will get me to pick up there albums. I find myself listening to more instrumental Hip Hop that rapping.
I stumbled upon some awesome documentary footage that Rapper-turned-Director D NICE is posting on his site.
These videos aim to tell the stories of classic hip hop. I find that I relate to these stars of the past, more than I do to todays “flossy get rich” rappers. It probably because these men live much more REAL lives. Kids, mortgage, debt, regular cars, and a love for HIP HOP culture.
Check out this video of the story of one of my all time favorite rap songs…

Here’s some more great vids:


6 Responses

  1. Hey man, I hear you loud and clear!!.

    I first thought it was me gettin old, but there are many others who agree that good hip hop has now changed into Hip POP.

    I used to DJ back in tha day too, and I just cant get onboard wit the newer shit. Sure some is ok, but most is crap. No real foundation beetz, no killa hooks, no solid rymz. Its like hiphop is fuzin with electronica and pop. I am from Australia and we have always been behind the 8 ball over here, but thats a good thing when it comes to hip hop. The soundz comin outta here right now are primo at the moment, and I have been watchin the hip hop global scene since I was a kid (im 31 now). The tunes we have locally sound sweet cause they sound like what the US was pumpin out 10 years ago. We have a new breed of talent over here that rap in Aussie accents, ova killa beetz and they get airplay 24-7 here. The new Aussie style reminds me of early dayz of Nas, De La Soul, or even Public Enemy. It definately has a late 80’s/early 90’s vibe. Look out for Hilltop Hoods, Butterfingers, Draft to name a few. I was never really diggin Aussie rymin in the past, but the flows comin out recently are on the money 4 real. Try a seach on U-tube for the above mentioned groups and see what you reckon mate…..

  2. I am having the same problem. It seems there are few gems to find more recently. Among the newer artists that fit my palate are P.O.S. (charged with percussion and strong bass-lines), RJD2 (primarily instrumental), some Atmosphere for the catchy beats, Eyedea [& Abilities], Heiruspecs, Soul Position, etc. I am only just scratching the surface, but an on-going theme presents itself: I am tired of hearing beats I can enjoy backed with messages full of bitching or that I just can’t relate to. I definitely suggest, if you haven’t already heard, listening to RJD2. I think it may be up your alley.

    Goodluck on your search. Let me know if you stumble upon any hip hop with a good bass line and sweet percussion. I’m always up for a good listen.

  3. Hey ppl,

    Thanks Biddy, didnt mind RJD2. Pretty cool soundz, always good to listen to new stuff. Below are some current beatz on circulation down under…..

    Koolism – ‘Jam Hot’ (New Zealand)

    Drapht – Jimmy Recard (OZ)

    TZU – Dambusters (OZ)

    TZU – Wild Stylee (OZ)

    Hilltop Hoods – Nose Bleed Section (OZ)

    The Funkoars – The Greatest Hit (OZ)

    Urthboy – ‘Nuthin’ I’d Rather Do’ (OZ)

    Snob Scrilla – There You Go Again (OZ-American)


  4. I completely though I am merely 16 years old. If you don’t mind I’d like to recommend some of my favorite hip-hop artists:

    Sadistik, Invincible, Decompoze, Elzhi, Typical Cats, Specifics, Blu

    If you wish, you may add me @ YouTube, username is KENSHInKAKKOU

    Peace, from NY


    you will not be dissappointed , i steak my life
    on it….and a local artist at that

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