New Music Wednesday: Morrissey, Madcon, JJ Grey & Mofro and Raphael Saadiq



For New Music Wednesday 12/31/08, we’ve got four brand new songs: Morrissey, Madcon, JJ Grey & Mofro and Raphael Saadiq. Listen to the tracks below and then let us know what you think by voting for your favorite tune. We’ll announce the winner next week. 

You can also grab this week’s picks in our iTunes store

Morrissey – “I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris” 

Madcon “Beggin”

JJ Grey & Mofro – “Everything Good is Bad”

Raphael Saadiq – “Big Easy feat. The Infamous Young Spodie and The Rebirth Brass Band”



7 Responses

  1. Toss up between Rapahel Saadiq & Madcon. Add them both to the playlist.

  2. I agree with astro. I had to pick only though so Im goin with Madcon.

  3. I agree it is a tossup between Raphael and Madcon, but I’m giving the edge to Raphael Saadiq. The track has a lot of soul.

  4. Morrissey….what a “crooner.” He only improves with age. Nearing 50 and he can still hit the bulls-eye. I got a sneak listen to the new album and it is killer. I think 88.9 should include more of his back catalog and more Smiths tunes. Think of the amount of the current day bands he as influenced.

  5. This is my favorite Saadiq track off his last album. Now that I listened to the words and realized what he is singing about, I can’t stop from getting choked up every single time I listen. It’s beautiful and tragic.

  6. i feel what your saying jerry! gotta love the smiths…morrisey will always be one of my favorites.

  7. No question — JJ Grey & Mofro are the best of the best!

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