1960 Westerns make me Crazy!

Let me begin today’s post with a comment left on yesterday’s post….
Astro, on January 14th, 2009 at 6:15 am Said: Edit Comment
That’s too easy, dig deeper.

Astro my man, I agree. I know that was an obvious one, but sometimes I cater these selections to be sure that the listeners have 2 great songs to enjoy. Let’s be honest here, some original samples are lame…
But I come from the B-Boys school of thought, and when someone calls you out, you gotta defend your skills. So today’s Seven O Clock Sample is dedicated to you Astro! Thanks for calling me out man! Keeps me on my toes.

Are you familiar with this song… Of course you are! It’s the super pop mega hit from Gnarles Barkley “Crazy”

But if you’ve actually ever heard this next track, then I am impressed.
From the 1968 “spagetti western” Viva Django, Preare a Coffin Soundtrack, it’s Gianfranco Reverberi’s song Nel Cimitero di Tucsin.

BAM! ( check the sample at 2:23 )


One Response

  1. Hey man i think you do a great job with the 7 o’clock sample. This Astro man needs to realize that you are on a radio station and that if you get to obscure peoples interest might fade. People pay more attention if they have some frame of reference to the people that are sampling and being sampled. I mean, people know who de la and Hall and oates are so they are interested. Now if you sprang Madlib sampling Oscar Weathers soul balad ” The Spoiler” for Wildchild’s ” Wonder Years” Who is really going to know who they are and then they are not so interested. So keep up the good work i really enjoy the 7 o’clock sample. See you at Jakalope

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