New Music Extra: On Curumin

One of the exciting new acts featured on today’s New Music Wednesday is an artist whose name will come up often over the next couple of weeks– Brazil’s Curumin (pron. Coo-roo-MEAN).

Of course, his new song “Sambito” will be sounding on the daily on our airwaves, but I will also be featuring his music on Sound Travels this Friday, mixing his original songs with other masterpieces from Brazil’s past and present. I wanted to focus on Curumin not only because of his prominent position as an up-and-coming Brazilian with the kind of stuff to make his music appeal internationally, but because he’s coming to Milwaukee to play at Stonefly Brewery in Riverwest on the 29th of January.

So soon indeed we’ll get our taste and it could be a gem of a show, one of those lesser-known but awesome shows. I mean Stonefly is no ampitheater, but it’s the right size for a special show from an artist who easily commands a much larger audience in his native Brazil, often working with the creme de la creme of classic Brazilian musicians. He also has some interesting videos….

Tune in to Friday’s Sound Travels for a preview of his sound, and definitely check out the January 29th show at Stonefly Brewery (735 e. Center St. in Riverwest).


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