Sound Travels Brazil…with a Clutch of Curumin

soundtravels_logo2A Few weeks back I got an email from my buddy Peter from our offices naively asking if I would be interested in promoting the performance of a Brazilian artist named Curumin to Milwaukee, with an interview. My two word response that I sent back to him is not fit for print. But figure that I’ve been a fan of Brazilian music and spin it in my DJ sets, that I have been listening to his music since his first US release (Achados e Perdidos) and that his latest release Japan Pop Show has been on my iPod, in it’s entirety, for the past few weeks– then you can 220px-curuminprobably figure my oath was in affirmation. And though the interview is not until next week, it was an exciting enough occurrance that I figured a feature on Sound Travel wasn’t outta the question.

Curumin (coo-roo-MEAN) is an interesting artist for a number of reasons, not the least of which is his music which melds many styles into a very modern sound. Listen to either of his albums and you’ll hear Brazilian  samba, samba-funk, bossa nova and lesser-known regional styles with hip hop beats, electronic effects and even dancehall riddims– heady stuff. With so much going on in his music it’s perfectly natural (or amazing) that it works so well.  It should though, given that Curumin (portuguese for little Indian) has been a student of the many styles that multicultural Brazil has. And his studies have paid off, Curumin has worked with a veritable who’s-who of classic Brazilian pop music as well as staying current with global styles like electronic music, hip hop and reggae. So when putting together this little showcase on ST, I wanted to show that ease with which his music can be mixed with a variety of regional sounds, and my three mini-mixes show that is a fact.

The first mix is with the sound of  Pernambuco’s (a Northeastern state in Brazil) Junio Barreto while the second is with classic pop from Brazil’s present Minister of Culture, native Bahian (also in the northeast) Gilberto Gil. And given the natural rivalry between Rio de Janiero and Curumin’s native Sao Paolo I thought a head-to-head with another internationally aimed up-and-comer Marcelo D2 would be interesting as well.

While it’s a done deal already, with the set being aired earlier today at noon, you can listen at your liesure here…

Curumin “Esperanca” / Junio Barreto “Amigos Bons”


Curumin “Dancando no Escuro” / Gilberto Gil “Aquele Abraco”


Marcelo D2 “Batucada” / Curumin “Kyoto”


Curumin will be performing at Stonefly Brewery(735 e. Center St.) on January 29th at 9pm with DJ Andy Noble spinning an opening set. Get there early and be ready to dance!


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