Phish Tickets..Good Luck!!

As some of you may know already, Phish tickets for their June 20th and June 21st Alpine Valley concerts go on sale  this Saturday morning at 10am.  If you mail ordered for tickets and were like me and got denied, this may be your last chance to purchase them.  Phish is going to be touring this summer for the first time in 5 years and it will surely be the hottest ticket of the summer.  Rumor even has them headlining Bonnaroo this year!  Tickets for Alpine Valley will be available exclusively through Live Nation.

Here’s ticket information and links for those interested. You can also call 877-598-8703

Alpine Valley, June 20th-

Alpine Valley, June 21st-

The above video is of a show that I was at at the once famous, now deceased Omni Arena in Atlanta,GA on Halloween of ’96.  From 1994-1998 (I believe) Phish used to have an annual tradition of playing a full album of another band as a sort of “musical costume”.  For this show they covered the Talking Heads “Remain In Light” (’96) album.  Other albums they’ve covered were The Beatles’ “White Album” (’94), Velvet Undergrounds’ “Loaded” (’98)  and “Quadrophenia” (’95)  by The Who.  A lot of people have positive and negative opinions regarding Phish.  Obviously, I’m a fan.  I don’t think there are any bands out there talented enough to be able to cover entire albums with extreme precision.  It’s really quite impressive.  A handful of them are actually available for purchase at if anyone is interested in checking them out some live Phish.

I’m sure there are a lot of listeners out there who’ve seen Phish numerous times.  What are some of your favorite Phish memories?  I’d love to hear them!

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  1. I have been a fan of Phish for many of years, invested in many of their albums and even a dvd. I have no fun stories of chasing Phish shows…the one and only time I saw them was on their last year of touring at Alpine Valley.

    I’d have to agree with you, for them to have covered so many albums in their entirety that’s very impressive and unparalleled. Some of my favorite covered songs have been the Talking Heads “Cities”, Velvet Underground’s “Rock n Roll” and Stevie Wonder’s “Boggie On Reggae Woman”.

    I was first drawn to their ability to story tell paired with improvisation music. One of the first Phish albums I owned “Junta”, the story continues threw the 2 discs and the art work in the album completes the story’s image, this was like no other music I had ever encountered. The “Hoist” album being another favorite, it’s so poppy and pleasant. The song “Funky B**ch” being a favorite…I’ll spare you I could go on and on.

    Their clever play on words always has gotten to me, like the song “NICU”. The one song that always has touched a deep chord with me is “Wading in a Velvet Sea”.

    Thanks for the heads up on the ticket sale.

  2. hello we were actually lucky enough to get some tix through the lottery and are heading out there from cali. I’ve never been to Alpine though I have been to many Phish shows; I was wondering what the accomidations are like around Alpine Valley, is there camping and if not how far are the hotels and which are good to stay in?


  3. Hey Tman-

    Alpine Valley is about 45 minutes outside of Milwaukee. Years back, they used to offer on-site camping, but that has since been banished. I think there’s camp sites around the area, but I’m not sure since I usually just head home. I would suggest looking into lodging at Alpine Valley Resort. That way you don’t have to worry about the drive and it’s pretty much right next door to the amphitheater. Check it out online at I’d act quick.

    I hope this helps,


  4. Phish has held a place near and dear to my heart for many years now. I look at them as the seed that was planted in me and blossomed into all kinds of other music that I don’t think I’d be listening too were it not for my introduction to Phish. I’m not just talking about jambands either, which, to be honest, have started to bore me recently. They just made me realize that there is tons of good, honest music out there if you know where to look.

    Anyways, my favorite Phish moment would have to be in Miami for their 4 night New Year’s Run in 2004. There were tons of great individual moments and songs but one moment stands out in my mind. It was the second set, on the third night, 12/30. Parliament Funkadelic came out on stage. That in itself was a sight to see. There was about 11 or 12 people on stage all jammin. But one person stood out. From behind the stage, a young man came out and stood next to Trey and a little behind him. He stood there, dancing, almost as if he was in the crowd. He seemed unaffected by the fact that he was onstage. I was close enough to the stage to really get a good look at this kid. His smile was as big and real as I’d ever seen. So Trey is playing and he notices this kid having an absolute blast dancing on stage next to him. I, nor Trey, nor anyone else for that matter, I think, really knew how he got onstage, but there he was, dancin like there was no tomorrow. Trey being Trey just watches the kid while he’s playing with that huge smile of his that any Phish fan would recognize. Then, all of sudden, from backstage, someone comes out and pulls the kid offstage. I had been watching this all unfold and was rather disappointed. The kid wasn’t causing any harm and was having more fun than probably anyone else at the show. Trey saw this, and immediately took off his guitar, in the middle of a jam (this went mostly unnoticed since there were so many people playing at the time) and ran backstage. He reemerged holding the young man’s hand, saying something to him, and bringing him onstage to stand right next to Trey, where he picks up his guitar and continues playing. I was blown away. It literally brought a tear to my eye. I don’t know any other rockstar who would so such blatant humility and compassion. I know Trey has had his problems with drugs and what not, but this solidified, in my mind, that I was witnessing not only some of the best live music ever, but some of the most down-to-earth, caring people to ever be called “famous”. That, to me, is what Phish is all about. Kudos Trey and I can’t wait to see you this summer!

  5. I got Tickets for the Sunday show!! 🙂

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