Psychedelic Sound Travels

soundtravels_logo3When people think of psychedelia, the tendency is to dwell on on altered states of mind or the drug influenced rock music of the hippified sixties. The reality of the music that we call psychedelic is that it is far more than that and can be applied to nearly any form of music. Today’s Sound Travels is an attempt to get at that.

By listening to the global grooves I have for you today, you’ll hear a whole world in love with the sound of the soul approaching the ecstasy of it’s own manifestation; departing the comfortable norms of traditional forms, psychedelic music in the sense I’m using it is closer to its truth. That truth is in the the etymology, that the word psychedelic is itself two words of classical Greek origin psyche– which means soul and delos– meaning manifest.

Music of self discovery, and the sonic theme that I was keyed in on was that the music have a characteristic grooviness, perhaps an extended jamminess, with instrumentation that would be unusual, even exotic for the culture from which it came. For example, American psychedelic music may favor the sitar whereas the Indian equivalent may favor the guitar. More than just instrumentation, the psychedelic I was searching for needed to sound more than just wierd, it needed to take you into its trance. Hear it…

Sound Travels : Global Pychedelic


Here’s a listing of what I played today…

1. Ananda Shankar : “Jungle Symphony”

2. Honny & The Bees “Psychedelic Woman”

3. Var. “Mes Vacances A Rio”

4. Karine Alexandrino “O Elefante”

5. DJ Zhao: a.) African Head Charge “Run Come Sow” b.) DQ1 “Wear The Crown”

6. Houari Benchenet “Mal Galbi”

7. Gal Costa “Touareg”

8. Group Doueh “Cheyla Ya Haiuune”

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