New Music Wednesday: M. Ward, Phophetic, Kings Go Forth and Bruce Springsteen


For New Music Wednesday 1/28/09, we have new music from M.Ward, Bruce Springsteen, and two Milwaukee artists – Kings Go Forth and Prophetic. Listen to the tracks below and then let us know what you think by voting for your favorite tune. We’ll announce the winner next week.

You can also grab this week’s picks in our iTunes store!

M. Ward – “Never Had Nobody Like You”

Kings Go Forth – “Don’t Take My Shadow”

7 Responses

  1. Play that Prophetic!

    This is Radio Milwaukee… We need more Milwaukee Hip Hop on the radio.


  2. I agree…Play tht Proph…

    This is Milwaukee…n he the nxt thing poppin!!

  3. Gotta show my love for Kings Go Forth!

  4. More milwaukee music should be play , I love it all.

  5. I really liked the last two KGF songs, but the newest one isn’t their greatest. The Prophetic track is ill, so that one gets my vote.

  6. is there really any question?! KGF!!

  7. I’m going with Prophetic on this one. Wonderful concept that many can relate to and his delivery is on point.

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