Friday’s Sound Travels … Full Circle With Global Jazz

soundtravels_logo3Friday. Well it used to be the only hot spot here at 88Nine for the global sound of Sound Travels. Now there’s a Monday and a Wednesday edition to go along with it. With that, it feels more like a trip to me, that we actually heard a lot of what was the theme of Global Jazz this week is the proof. This week has been an opening of the creative spirit that I love to express in my mixes and in the very music I am trying to share. In the future, with more time to play, expect to hear a variety of approaches with Sound Travels; from bands to requests to themes that fit with the flow of world events, or at the very least make a musical statement in a fine style.

This Friday’s edition brings the circle to a close for this week with my latest set of global jazz. If you missed it, catch it here…

Friday’s Sound Travels : Global Jazz Pt. III


1. Dollar Brand : “African Marketplace” …a nice cut here from a legendary South African pianist, recalling the bustle and parade like quality humanity might seem to contain in an African market. This song has always evoked that image for me in any case. A factoid here is that Brand is the father of an artist named Ayah whose song “Pusher Man” is currently making waves here at the station.

2. Hugh Masekela : “Languta” Hedzollah Sounds …always a favorite of mine, South African trumpeter Hugh Masekela really does it here, on an album that takes a lot of chances. Chances are though, you’ll like it as much as I do. Incorporating dub production to go with deep percussion and his ever-scintillating trumpet playing that drives this cut, the best of the album, into a deep groove that doesn’t quit. Here, Masekela’s bizarrely accented singing feels honest and otherworldly with his strange phrasing, he’s at his best when he sings in his native tongue as he does here. Btw, this album is highly recommended.

3. Luis Carlos Vinhas : “Ye Me Le” …a fine, fun cut from Brazilian Luis Carlos Vinhas, who was a prominent Bossa Nova player in his native Rio. Made a name for himself for his work with Bossa Tres, a popular bossa nova band and still makes music to this day. This one is a gem.

4. Tenorio Jr. : “Nebulosa” Embalo…as is this one from another Brazilian. One of the best Brazilans composers and performers of instrumental music really. Pianist Tenório Jr. was an important artist of the genre known as samba-jazz or MPM (modern popular music), developed in Brazilian biggest cities, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. One of the better Brazilian jazz albums of the 1960s. This features the song “Nebulosa,” which has become a club/remix favorite, popping up on various compilation albums in recent years

5. Pimp & Soil Sessions : “Fantastic Planet”…A frenzied trip through american influenced jazz with a Japanese twist.

6. Jordi Sabates : “Ocelles Del Mes Enlla Part III” Awesome mid-70’s jazz funk that builds, then washes you away to the sea…which is where this song seems to come from, like a shimmering Brazilian Atlantis in a sea of lightweight bossa jazz from the period, this is hot.

7. Ed Lincoln : “Cochise”…speaking of hot, there are few cats who swing as hard and as fast with Bossa jazz than Ed Lincoln who from the sounds on this cut probably killed someone with this deadly organ driven grinder. The perfect ending to a week of global jazz on Sound Travels.

Tune in next week on Sound Travels for songs of love from around the world as we get ready for next Saturday’s Valentines Day weekend.


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