Sound Travels Wednesday…More Drums, More Beat

soundtravels_logo5Today’s Sound Travels continues with where we left off on Monday– with the drum. Heavy drums our theme for the week, My batch of beats for today sounded like this…

Wednesday’s Sound Travels : Heavy Drums


And the details…

1. Count Ossie : “Uhuru Pajama” Wareika Hill Sounds…Kette drums roll down on this freedom inspired tune from Wareika Hill Sounds out of Jamaica. They enormormous “Kette” drum is played at the same tempo as the human heart, this one works into you very slowly, easily. The horn section and the swing is nice here too on a very rootsy, almost African, release from some Rasta drummers in the hills of Jamaica.

2. Sabu Martinez : “Meapestaculpa” Afro Temple…an interseting cut that sugues the set nicely. Martinez was a Puerto Rican percussionist active in the ’60’s. He was a conguero and percussionist who performed with Dizzy Gillespie, Horace Silver, J.J. Johnson, Kenny Clarke, Francy Boland, Art Blakey. Martinez also recorded several Latin jazz albums, now recognized as classics of the genre. Ths album is a strange one, not just because of the excellence of the percussion, but also for the fact that Sabu was living in Sweden as he toured Europe and this song came from the North African leg of a tour that saw him perform these songs in Tunisia of all places.

3. Guem : “Viagem” O Universo Rítmico De Guem…One of my favorite percussionists of all time is Guem.  Guem is a phenomenal African percussionist who came to France when he was 16 to become a professional football player. Instead of this he introduced his crazy African rhythmical patterns to the European avant garde jazz scene of the 70’s (Michel Portal, Steve Lacy…). He also released 7 solo albums mostly on French ethnic musIc label La Chant Du Monde. Though still active and working with new artists like Frederic Galliano, this early cut give you a taste of this master percussionist.

4. Tito Puente : “Hit The Bongo” Latin Breaks: A Tribute To Tito Puente…What tribute to percussion would be complete without the Master. Tito Puente…get yo’self some!

5. Los Van Van : “Llegada” Arrive, Arrives…And Fania legends Los Van Van here with a rhythmic scorcher at the end of today’s set. An ironic ending for today since llegada is Spanish for ‘arrival.’

Stay tuned for Friday’s edotion of Sound Travels when I will deliver you more music as we travel to more lands enjoying music made with lots of drums.


One Response

  1. Brings me back to a blissful festival I’ve attended, drums circles would go all night long sometimes accompanied with fire spinners. Never would have guessed such a gem as “Drum Talk” came from Milwaukee artists. Unlike music with lyrics and don’t get me wrong I love lyricism but the drums alone can be so raw, kind of a communication with nature, interrupted differently for each of us. There can be this give and take relationship with the music the more you give the more it gives to you. To me that’s love.


    What’s up with no posted travel inputs?!
    Maybe you can find and compile music of lost or dying languages/cultures.

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