Thursday’s Top 5: Songs of Love & Love Gone Bad

imagesIt’s Thursday, which means it’s time to get at some favorites. A countdown of cuts, it’s Thursday’s Top 5. Usually the Top 5 is between Scott Mullins and I, as the shift changes at 2pm. Today is different however. Not that we changed much, the same thing, 5 songs, 1 theme and 2 music nerds; same thing. The other “nerd” I have with me today is The Architect, Tarik Moody and the mission is the same.

With Valentines Day coming up on Saturday, we figured we make a case for a few favorite songs about love or of love gone bad. I think that Tarik and I initially approached the question, then twisted it a bit…for example, Tarik has songs that focus on love gone wrong. I however, went island style; I mean I like love songs, but there are so many of them, I need focus…and love reggae with lover’s rock, a substyle of the genre, being some of my favorite stuff.  Let’s Check out what Tarik and I can up with shall we… a set love vs. not love if you will.


Bim Sherman “Love Forever” vs. VV Brown “Crying Blood”


Junior Delahaye “Love” vs. Oran “Juice” Jones “The Rain”


Heavy D “Long Distance Girlfriend” vs. Lilly Allen “Smile”


Barrington Levy “If You Give To Me” vs. Marvin Gaye “You Can Leave But it’s Going to Cost You”


Johnny Osbourne “In Your Eyes” vs. Atmosphere “Bird Songs Why the Caged I Know”

Marcus iMix or Tarik iMix


One Response

  1. Betty Davis (Miles Davis’ second wife) wrote and sang a funky little number back in the day called “Anti Love Song”. Check it out.

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