Artist KAWS proves that Graffiti is an Legitimate Art Form.

I was really interested in the post that Jordan did on the graffiti issue that is going on in Milwaukee.  With schools around the country cutting music and arts programs and politicians making it hard for the youth to find places to be creative, this country will lose its edge as far as creative innovation.  I came across this interview with famous artist and former graffiti artist KAWS.  Watching this interview, proves that we as a nation need to seriously consider investing in the creative arts for our youth especially in the inner city.  KAWs has become the 21st Andy Warhol.


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  1. Tarik & fellow RadioMilwaukeeans …

    To add another positive influence to this movement, check out Harlem street artist De La Vega.

    I was in New York a little over a year ago and happened to stumble upon his storefront after making a trek to the Turntable Lab in Greenwich Village. A former educator, he turned to street art as a more prolific way of spreading his message of hope in the big city.

    You can get a little taste of his philosophy and artwork through via

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