Sound Travels In Carnaval Season

soundtravels_logo7As in Car-Na-Val y’all. No ordinary circus music here for Sound Travels this week, I am talking about that pre-Lenten festival that is known as Mardi Gras here in the States(as well as in other French connected histories). Of course most of you are already familiar with Carnival, it’s legendary and observed all over the world with some of the most popular sites for celebration being in our hemisphere; throughout the Caribbean and South America.

In fact, the most famous Carnival celebrations come from Brazil, where the entire country shows its support for the various samba schools and parade groups who vie for top honors and the best productions.

There are many regional varieties and much of the music is reflective of the differences between the various ethnicities that exist in Brazil. The music varies from state to state, from the elaborate parades of Rio or Sao Paolo with “nations” singing en masse to the African inflected productions of Bahia to the Maracatu and Frevo (fevered/boiling) rhythms of Pernambuco and the sertao of the northern states. Today’s set has a bit of all of that with an, check it out here if you missed it, and tune in on Wednesday for even more music from Carnaval celebrations around the world…

Sound Travels Monday: Carnival Week


1. Antonio Carlos Jobim: “O Nosso Amor”…Classic work from one of Brazil’s most famous guitarists. He did the music for the soundtrack to Black Orpheus. This cut brings a slice of Rio’s Carnaval to life as the movie is set in ’50’s era and features some of the coolest music in film set to a super romantic Brazilian re-vision of Ovid’s classic tale from his  Metamorphosis

2. G.R.E.S. Imperio Serrano: “Oscarito”…This is music from an obscure samba school, music from the 1978 Carnaval in Rio, good groove.

3. A Fantastica Bateria: “Tratado De Ritmo 3″…This cut is a scorcher, pure killer. In what I believe to be the Frevo style of the northest. Electric mandolins the calling card for this style supported by the ‘bateria’, or battery of drums layng down a song that probably could cause your blood to boil should you try to keep up with its fevered pace.

4. Joao Bosco: “Escadas De Penha”…similar to the previous two, though different in that it features only one singer. And you only need one when your name is Joao Bosco, who has been noted for his singular fusion between the Arab culture, Afro-American music and the Brazilian style bossa nova.

5. Brigade Nouveau: “Sambadrome”…and last we have something from Germany, though the sound is all Brazil and the vibe is all Carnaval. Every time I play this song I feel just a bit closer to the Brazil that the music makes me want to visit…you too?

Tune in on Wednesday for more sounds from Carnaval celebrations around the world, and feel free to let me know where you’d like to travel to and I will do my best to take you there in sound.


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