Sound Travels… Full Circle for Carnaval Week

Another episode of Sound Travels today as we come full circle with music for or from or even just possibly related to Carnaval. More than on Monday or Wednesday, today was about the music of the Caribbean; Trinidad to be precise. Though Brazil looms large in terms of Carnaval music, other countries, especially Trinidad and Tobago have enormous celebrations as well. If you missed it, check it out…

Sound Travels : Carnaval Friday


1. The Herbaliser : “Snake Biter”…Big beat percussion from The Herbaliser, a studio cut not really fit for the street, it nevertheless fits with big bateria of drums played with Batucada like potency, not un-Carnaval at all.

2. Shaggy, Trix & Fix : “Feel The Rush”…a bit of pop music really from Shaggy and his animated(really) helpers. Trix and Fix are cartoons and the song is actually a part of a promotion for the World Cup of Soccer. A little cheesy perhaps, but has that Carnaval vibe even if it’s over the top.

3. Physics : “Downtown Rio”…and into some deep house grooves from Physics, about who I really know very little about but still carry some of the essence of Carnaval.

4. Digitaldubs : “Comunidade feat. Funkero” Funk Milk Riddim

5. Natasja : “Calabria 2006″…not really Carnaval, but not really not. One of the things that i love about this song is that it really is some universal dance lubricant.

6. Laventille Rhythm Section : “Rhythm”…just check out these true-school Carnaval players…

7. Bunji Garlin : “Warrior Cry”…Bunji fits here as one of the biggest Soca stars in the world, his appearance is a must at Carnaval, and here at the end of my set today. Check out the rugged video of the man in action and you’ll get a sense of the energy this festival always attracts.


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