Videos: This is Why Milwaukee is Hot (in the Winter)

Milwaukee nightlife is getting some sizzle as of late thanks to at least couple of events.  Are you tired of the same Top 40 Dj spinning the same songs you hear on air all day? Want to see something completly different? Want to experience Real Milwaukee?

A couple of events going on in Mil-Town is putting us on the national map!  The Get Down at Mad Planet, and the Miltown Beatdown Hip Hop Olympics.  The Get Down is the funkiest DJ nights in town, the state, the country!! 88Nine RadioMilwaukee broadcasts The Get Down the 2nd Saturday down at Mad Planet in Riverwest. The Get Down holds up to its name because people really Get Down.  Check out this little video courtesty of Fan-Belt.

If that doesn’t get you hyped, you are in a coma.  Next up is the hottest competition in Miltown.  It is the Miltown Beatdown Hip Hop Olympics.  Sometimes it is hard to find cool Hip Hop events in the city, but that is changing.  The Miltown Beatdown Hip Hop Olympics is a battle between Milwaukee’s finest  Hip Hop producers. It is held every Wednesday through March at the Jackalope Lounj in the 3rd Ward.  Here is a little sample of what you have been missing.

Video by Darren Cole/Alphabang Productions and Darren Leone/LS Productions

FYI, The battle continues tonight at 10pm. Don’t Be Late.


One Response

  1. Great post Tarik! My two favorite spots in Milwaukee.

    In case you were worried, despite the artsy and blurry cinematography in that first video, everybody’s face at the Get Down is quite beautiful.

    And the Beat Down? Forget about it. Glamour, glamor.

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