Thursday’s Top 5: MKE Music Discoveries

imagesSince 88nine went live and we started broadcasting two years ago, we have developed a reputation for playing Milwaukee music. In the process, countless local acts have come calling, with cd’s, records and details about how they fit into the scene here in Milwaukee. And in turn, we’ve debuted music from many of these acts right here on 88Nine, helping the rest of Milwaukee realize the kinds of talent in their midst.

For many, the dearth of quality music comes as no surprise while I think even more had been unaware of much of it at all. For us here at the station, its been a mixed bag of foreknowledge and surprise here; as artists we were familiar with, experienced the success that we had always sorta’ expected and even more still hit us up with music that impressed us enough that we’re on front street daily, singing their praises.

It’s that kind of inspiration that guides our station, and culminates today in our  2nd annual Milwaukee Music Awards, which Scott Mullins and Jordi will delve into later on at 4pm. To this award ceremony, we’ve added a celebratory aspect to the event and I know that I’m gonna see many of you all at Mad Planet tonight. In the meantime, we really want to showcase Milwaukee music. That leads me to today’s Top 5 Countdown— Milwaukee Music surprises, or put another way…bands who caught us off guard, stormed the castle and rule the roost. Here’s what Scott & I came up with…

*bold, indicates what got played


The Wooldridge Brothers “Mash Up Dreams”(Scott) vs. The Trusty Knife “Flash In The Pan”


Rusty P’s “Foundation” vs. John Seiger “Warm Welcome In A Cold Town” (Me)


The Buskers “Wha Wha Song” (Scott) vs. LMNtlyst “Summertime”


The Rip Off Artists “Wishful Thinker” vs. Prophetic “Big Dreamer” (Me)


The Championship “Liar Liar” (Scott) vs. Nabori “Guayacan”

*Honorable Mention… Kings Go Forth, At Latl, Growing Nation, Sona, The Figureheads, Quinn Scharber, Codebreaker and all the other Milwaukee artists who help make this station a truer reflection of the community that we live in.

Tune in next week for a Top 5 Countdown for the most underrated or overlooked female artists, as Scott and I honor the work of women in this first week of March. BTW y’all March is Women’s History Month… so tune in to hear the Top 5 Countdown, only on 88Nine. And hit us up with any ideas for future To 5’s… share the inspiration!

** There is no iMix for this week’s Top 5 Countdown.


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