808s and Nina Simone BREAKS!

Today’s 7 o clock sample is from one of my least favorite albums of 2008. LOL!
Kanye’s 808s and Heartbreaks didn’t do much for me. Sarah F and I had numerous conversations about this album. It wasn’t that the album was bad, it just wasn’t my flavor. Anyways, as usual Kanye sampled some real magic on this project. Check out “Bad News”

The use of the TR-808 drum machine is evident, as well as some juicy synths; but where is that drum loop from?!?
Well it’s a little touch of soul, from Ms. Nina Simone. The the track from her 2nd LP Broadway-Blues-Ballads it’s the intro for ” See Line Woman” & it’s your 7 o clock sample!
Check out some of these remixes….

And here is an awesome version by Feist!


Are You Feeling This: Noisettes, MSTRKRFT feat. John Legend and Tor’s Illinoize Project

Lots of songs never make it to the radio that are getting lots of attention online.  Live tracks, sanctioned and unsanctioned remixes, mash-ups, overlooked gems by unsigned artists.  Every week on “Are You Feeling This,” we invite you to hear what the buzz is all about.  You tell us what you think.  Vote in the Are You Feeling This poll, leave a comment, send us an e-mail.

The Last winner of Are You Feeling This was Mike Posner’s “Cooler Than Me ft. Big Sean”

This week on ”Are You Feeling This”: New Music from UK group the Noisettes, Canadians MSTRKRFT with a little help from John Legend, and finaly music from a mashup project from Montreal’s Tor entitled Illinoize which blends the music of Sufjan Stevens album Illinois with hip hop acapellas (you can download it for free over here). Take a listen below and let us know what you think by voting in the “Are You Feeling This” listener poll. Two of the tracks came from a great blog called Mixtape Maestro.

Noisettes – “Wild  Young Hearts”
MSTRKRFT feat. John Legend – “Heartbreaker”

Sound Travels Monday… The Women Of Fado

soundtravels_logo1Sound Travels today was a set perfect for a slow starting Monday afternoon. The Women Of Fado the theme on the day; with the end of March approaching and with it Women’s History Month, I thought it would be fitting. Fitting, also because Milwaukee Film is screening a film on the subject  tonight and since they invited Yours Truly to introduce it, I thought it’d be nice to set you all up with a preview and perhaps entice some brave souls to come out and see it.

The film is aptly titled “Fados” and is produced by the legendary Carlos Saures (Flamenco (1995) & Tango (1998)) and is a very subtle documentary that functions as a musical forray into the origins, and future of this most distinctive genre, Fado. I am excited to give a brief introduction later tonight, and I hope I see you there. If you think you can’t go, think again, there is a bus that will shuttle those who can’t make it to Mequon and there are many reasons to go. Not the least of which is to join our friends, Milwauke Film, for an event that will be a unique opportunity to Make Milwaukee by supporting the scene, but also to enjoy what looks to be an excellent film. Check out the trailer…

That said, the set was pretty laid-back, fado is like that; sad, melancholy and a full reserve of feeling. Started with the legend herself, Amalia Rodriguez, perhaps the greatest singer of the genre, historically speaking and essantial for my set since my hope today has been to give you the sonic equivalent of an overview. That said, the other ladies in today’s set are of the new generation, from all over the Portuguese speaking world, whether it be the Angolan Lura, or the current queen of the style Mariza, who hails from Mozambique. Either way, a tasty slice of music that from its humble origins on the streets of Lisbon, has become a truly open style that brings the world into its fold even as the view remains big enough to see beyond the borders of Portugal– world music. If you missed it here you go again…

Sound Travels Monday : The Women Of Fado



1. Amalia Rodriguez : “Los Piconeros”

2. Mariza : “Barco Negro”

3. Ana Sofia Varela : “Rosa Nocturna”

4. Lura : “Nha Vida”

5. Xaile : “Lá de Onde eu Sou”

Freebie: The Decemberists, “Hazards of Love 1 (The Prettiest Whistles Wont Wrestles the Thristles Undone)”


As some of you know, RadioMilwaukee is proud to welcome the band The Decemberists on Friday, May 29th to The Riverside Theater. The Decemeberists have become one of the world’s most unique bands around. They have released their fifth album entitled “The Hazards of Love”

The band’s fifth album, The Hazards of Love, represents the most glorious kind of messing around. It’s the most ambitious and most accomplished project to date from the Portland-based quintet of Meloy, Chris Funk, Jenny Conlee, Nate Query, and John Moen—a full-length song cycle rooted in ancient language and imagery, yet entirely modern and accessible. The follow-up to the group’s 2006 breakthrough, The Crane Wife (which National Public Radio listeners in the US voted their favourite album of the year), The Hazards of Love solidifies the Decemberists’ standing as one of the most innovative and important creative forces in music today.

The album began when Meloy—long fascinated by the British folk revival of the 1960s—found a copy of revered vocalist Anne Briggs’s 1966 EP, titled The Hazards of Love. Since there was actually no song with the album’s title, he set out to write one. Soon, though, he was launched into something much larger than just a new composition.

So if you are a Colin Meloy/Decemeberists fan and can’t wait for the show here is free track to tie you over until their May 29th show at The Riverside Theater.

The Decemberists – “Hazards of Love 1(The Prettiest Whistles Wont Wrestles the Thristles Undone)” via RCRDLBL

Freebie: 10 Indie Music Album Samplers via Amazon


As you know, the iTunes music store is about to go completely go DRM-Free. They are trying to compete with the Amazon mp3 store, which is gaining some ground on the digital music leader.  As of late Amazon, has up the ante by offering free sampler albums.  Just recently, Amazon worked with 10 labels to release 10 album samplers including music from labels like Sub Pop, Anti, Arts & Crafts, Jagjaguwar, and more.  You get free music from artists like Neko Case, N.A.S.A., Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, Dr. Dog, Okkervil River, and more. Check it out for yourself and get to downloading.

Fleet Foxes – “Mykonos” from the Sub Pop Sampler

Podcast: Fleet Foxes Live Performance from the Pabst Theater – Uncut and Unedited


As we said earlier day, if we meet our hourly goal for our Birthday Fund Drive, I will post the uncut/unedited, high quality of the Fleet Foxes show from the Pabst Theater late last year for a free download.  Well here you go:

Fleet Foxes Pabst Theater Performance Uncut and Unedited ( to download-right click and save as)

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T.R.O.Y. and Tom Scott! A match made in Hip Hop heaven.

There is little doubt that T.R.O.Y. by Pete Rock and CL Smooth is one of the best Hip Hop songs ever recorded. The beat melts your heart and this track has gotten EVERY crowd I’ve ever DJ’ed in front of to go crazy!

Today on the Seven O Clock sample I wanted to explore the amazing track that Pete sampled for this beat. It’s a fun and upbeat little number from Tom Scott and the California Dreamers. From the 1967 album The Honeysuckle Breeze, here is “Today”