Sound Travels…It’s A Woman’s World

soundtravels_logoToday’s Sound Travels is a tribute to women. As March is Women’s History Month, the focus of many of the station’s specialty shows focus on this fact or some aspect of it and ST is no different…except of course, that we’ll hear music from women around the world. Now, my purpose here with this music is not so much an attempt to define the world’s most important female performers and artists (that would be way bigger that the hour I split three ways in three days) but rather, to play some great, different music that happens to be made by women. Of course every performer is special, who am I to claim this or that is more important; all of the artists here are certainly an inspiration in their own way…in that they inspired this man to share his love of their music with you…

Sound Travels : Women Of The World: Monday


1. Lura : “Nha Vida”…Angolan Lura starts us on a tender note, a cool sounding song from an awesome compilation called Red + Hot: Lisbon!, one of the stronger albums in this long-running series that benefits AIDS research.

2.Farafa De Belem : “Emorio” …actually a song composed by Jorge Ben and Gilberto Gil, I nevertheless cannot fathom anyone doing it better than Farafa, who charges it with the right balance of emotion and appeal. I won’t intellectualize the song, it’s simply always been a favorite…

3. Celia Cruz : “Melao De Cana”… Celia Cruz is a legend in Latin music, often referred to as the Queen of Salsa, she was the most influential woman in Cuban music. Often teaming up with other Latin legends like Tito Puente she had twenty-three gold albums in her long and storied career. I pay homage to her here.

4. Aïcha Relizania : “Khraïfi”…as we go from well-known to unknown, Aicha is from Algeria, that much I know, that this recording is from 1938 is something else. Perhaps the earliest work I’ve ever played on this show. She is a rarity, as one may only speculate on the numbers of female singers of note in what was a French colony at a time of extreme prejudice, but there likely weren’t that many that made recordings, let alone this quality…it’s nice to have it…hear!

5. Cheikha Rmitti : “C’est Fini J’en ai Mar”…into one of my favorite singers of any stripe or gender for that matter. She has that Nina Simone-ness about her, which is always endearing…a throaty

Tune in Wednesday and Friday as we continue to explore the music of women from all over the planet. While this week was a bit vintage in flavor, expect the sound angd the beat to become more contemporary as we approch Friday’s Sound Travels.

Till then, be inspired! and and share that inspiration with me, if you have ideas about where we shout go together on Sound Travels, hit me up here…


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