New Music Wednesday: Peter Bjorn and John, Sam Roberts, Bell X1, U2 and The Mighty Underdogs


For New Music Wednesday 3/4/09, we have new music from Peter Bjorn, and John, Sam Roberts, Bell X1, U2 and the Mighty Underdogs. Listen to the tracks below and then let us know what you think by voting for your favorite tune. We’ll announce the winner next week.

You can also grab this week’s picks in our iTunes store!

Peter Bjorn & John – “Nothing to Worry About”
U2 – “Magnificent”
The Mighty Underdogs

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for playing U2’s new song, Magnificent. It is amazing! You’re the only radio station I’ve heard it on.

    I love you guys!

  2. I am a U2 fan and was excited to hear something newish by them. I was starting to enjoy “Magnificent” when out came the old stand-by U2 guitar sound and I was (really sadly) bored.

    Happily, I am so torn by two of the other songs. “The Great Defector” sounds like one of my fav Talking Heads songs and I can’t wait to hear “Them Kids” while I’m driving down the road. I love that there is so much great music on 88.9 that its hard to choose!

    P.S. My daughter wants to note that she loves the MIA-type beat of “Nothing To Worry About”.

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