Bass(ic) Needs: Ngoma 3

ngoma3_front_myspaceAs many of you already know, one of my loves is music from around the world. Not simply “world music,” a term I am not all that fond of, but the vibrant sound of NOW. I love to be on the frontier, on styles and sounds that spring up in places that are hard to pronounce and even harder to get to. I love to experience music that I have never heard before, and of course I love to share it. If only to give someone an experience that they can’t preconceive– to test if the mind is open.

My favorite Dj at the moment articulates these tastes nicely, and has with his latest release eclipsed past favorite dj/Rupture, for the moment. I’m not talking about a big name here, but I am talking about DJ Zhao from Ngoma Soundsystem whose latest mix Ngoma 3 is crucial.

DJ Zhao : Ngoma 3


The set is proper, and represents some forward thinking on the part of Zhao who taps into the South African vibe with a set heavy in kwaito, zulu house, electro and of course heavy bass. This is New World music, incorporating other cultures into a sound that fits more with modern music than it does with older, traditional sounds. Expand your tastes and explore these sounds…


01 [SA] Andy X – Tech House

02 [SA] DJ Clock – Durban Guitar

03 [SA] Bantu Soul – Isgubhu

04 [SA] Blackcoffee / DJ Christos and Demor – Searching

05 [SA] Black Coffee – 100 Zulu Warriors

06 [SA] Black Coffee – Stimela (remix)

07 [SA] Thebe – Ugezi

08 [SA] DJ Fhiso – House Animation

09 [SA] DJ Clock – Move Your Body

10 [SA] DJ Clock – No Fear

11 [SA] DJ Sdoko – Boozoom Base

12 [SA] DJ CNDO – Terminator

13 [UK] Ossie – Set The Tone

14 [ANGOLA] Manya – Frutas De Vontade

15 [ANGOLA] Unknown – Unknown

16 [ANGOLA] Manya – Ondjiva

17 [UK] DSD – Fruity

18 [UK] Footsteps – Baby Kinta

19 [UK] Roska – Tack Tiles

20 [UK] DJ Mystery – Changes

21 [UK] DJ Tremendous – Log 19

22 [HOLLAND] DJ BIgga – Boeke Anthem VS. [BRAZIL] Menor do Chapa – Familia Vida Loka

23 [UK] Unknown – Unknown

24 [SA] Unknown – Thumping

25 [SA] Mr Flip – The Wild Thing

26 [UK] Geeneus – Yellowtail

27 [UK] Headhunter – Birks Range

28 [SA] Shana – Uyangichomela

29 [SA] Bucie – Amadoda (Black Coffee remix)

30 [NORWAY/GER] Mari Boine – Vuoi Vuoi Mu (Henrik Schwarz Remix)

31 [SA] Dr Duda and Dr M-bee – The Gap Featuring Gina

32 [SA/US] Terre Thaemlitz / Radio Freedom (Anti-Apartheid)


2 Responses

  1. thanks marcus, glad you enjoy. but you linked to the wrong myspace page. this is the right one:

    cheers and one love…

  2. Big Up Zhao,
    that link to his page is now updated.

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