Sound Travels…Rhythm & Soul, Blues Rockin’

soundtravels_logoSo today as we get with the sound of this new world and explore another week with some music from around the globe. In particular some older styles of R&B to go with rock and soul music from all over the world. That said, today’s set was older school in its orientation and for the most part entirely African in origin. Just worked out that way as I took a rather chill tour with you on this slow Monday. If you missed any of it, here we go again…

Sound Travels Monday : Rocking Rhythm, Soul & Blues


1. Absolute Truth : “Moving Away”…a slow South African psychedelic start to our set today with a band called Abstract Truth who were a part of the vibrant rock scene in SA in the 60’s around the Durban area. This is from their album Cool Sounds For Heads.

2. Ekambi Brilliant : “Soul Castle” …out of the Cameroons, this legendary African soul pioneer with a soul beat as short as it is sweet…

3. Zalatnay Sarolta : “Ne Hidd El”…and our only notable step away from Africa today is with Turkish rocker Sarolta, with a rocker that I found on a nameless breaks compilation…a hidden gem.

4. Vincent N’Guini : “Ode To Hendrix”…and yes, Hendrix was huge worldwide, spawning a ton of interest in rock and the guitar. For Africans, identifying with an artist as flamboyant as Hendrix was easy. He was a catalyst for the continent and this is a soulful tribute to the man with the most chops. Inspired in particular, by the song “Hear My Train Comin'”

5. Koffi : “Assalam Aleikoum Africa”…and the end today is a standard phrase of greetin in many parts of Africa, where Islam is the main religion. This song was written by Koffi, one of the Ivory Coast’s best guitarists, and sung in Wolof. This song is a greeting to the universe as well as a warning to Africa on the dangers of poverty and drunkenness.

Tune in for Wednesday’s edition of ST, as we continue to eplore a world of rhythm and blues, rock and soul from the farthest reaches of the globe. Inspired? Got a destination for us? Tell me here…


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  1. Lovely mix!

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