Sound Travels…Wednesday Rollin’ on Rock, Rhythm and Blues

soundtravels_logo1If you missed it today at noon, here you go again. Rock and Roll, old-school R&B and soul from Africa, Brazil and Turkey…

Sound Travels Wednesday : “Global Rhythm and Rock, Blues and Soul”


1. The Daktaris : “Give It Up, Turn It Loose” (USA)…raw business from this band that covers not only James Brown, but Fela and Mulatu Astatque… now that’s aiming high because all of those guys are legends and foundation artists for the whole idea of Global Music.

2. Ersen : “Garip Gönlüm” (Turkey)…absolutely brilliant material from Turkey’s Ersen who defined rock from the region in the early ’70’s. His work has inspired artists to this day and the eponymous rerelease of his workis crucial…go get yourself one, you’ll hear some of the most exotic guitar work imbued with an otherworldly Middle-Eastern vibe. I fell in live with this recently and thought I’d give you two of his tunes today…

3. Segun Bucknor : “La La La” (Nigeria)…and Segun Bucknor, an early pioneer for soul music in Nigeriain the late ’60’s, this was his hit.

4. The Hykkers : “I Wanna Break Through” (Nigeria)…and as we continue, we stay within the bubbling Nigerian scene for this old-school R&B stomper very much in the Jame Brown/proto afrobeat vein. Love this tune because in it, you can hear the beginning of afrobeat and the inspiration of American soul.

5. Nublado : “Amanhã” (Brazil) …and into a band from Barazil that caught my attention recently based on the work of this song. A relatively new band as far as I can tell, and even have an indie vibe about the music…wish I knew more, but I think the book is still new on this crew.

6. Ersen : “Yine Seni Taninm” (Turkey)…and that makes a wrap as we go with another from my favorite Turkish/Medierranean rocker…


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  1. Hey DJ Garvey!!!

    I am sooo excited—I heard about the upcoming battle occurring between Dub Alumni and Chalice In The Palace!!! Can you provide details??? I can’t wait to attend this event. Please let us all know when we can anticipate this awesome occasion. Thanks for your help with this!!

    Stephanie Boelter

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