Event: Milwaukee’s First Ever JobCamp, March 26th at Bucketworks


There is a lot of news about the recession and people getting laid off, and to be honest with you it is getting kind of depressing.  Everybody and their mom has advice on getting a job in the tough job market.  If you recently been laid off and is looking for some advice and some leads for your next job, mabye you should give JobCamp a try.  What is JobCamp you say? Let this email that I just receive explain for you.

The Wisconsin Professional Recruiter’s Resource (WISPRR) in conjunction with Bucketworks is holding the first Milwaukee JobCamp.  Currently, we have over 160 Milwaukee area professionals and 8 Milwaukee area sponsors attending the event.  We are very pleased with the community response thus far, but would like to get the word out further to the Milwaukee Professional Community.  As such, we are reaching out to you.  We would like to extend the message of JobCamp to the local media to spread the word about this fantastic event.

JobCamp is a very different sort of “career fair”.  The objective is to network, gain skills to secure employment, or attain the knowledge and confidence to start off on the path to entrepreneurialism.  Instead of employers interviewing potential employees, the focus of JobCamp is on the Job Seeker advancing themselves, and, in turn, helping grow a stronger community.  We ask that you assist us in getting the message of JobCamp out to the thousands of Milwaukee area professionals either seeking employment or looking to enrich their professional lives and better the Southeastern Wisconsin community.

What is JobCamp?

“Tired of job fairs with their dull, lifeless booths and vague promises of value?  We are too!  The Wisconsin Professional Recruiters Resource in conjunction with Bucketworks will host an Uncommon Job Networking event on Thursday, March 26th from noon to 9 p.m.  With live, interactive “job pods” and sessions for BOTH job seekers and employers, there’s more than meets the eye to this timely event.  Whether you are looking around for job “insurance,” thinking of starting your own business, or in an active search, this is the place to be!  And if you are an employer looking for innovative ways to stretch your recruiting dollars, this event promises to be your best ticket for getting fresh ideas and meeting Milwaukee’s top talent.”

What will be addressed at JobCamp

– Starting your own business
– Using social media for professional gain
– Marketing yourself
– Behavioral Interviewing
– “Soft skills”
– LinkedIn
And more to come!

Provided that the inaugural event goes well, we’ll be holding more JobCamps.  Come join us and see the difference!

The Milwaukee JobCamp concept is built upon the popular Barcamp format that has spread across the globe.  We mean to present a highly interactive, open format event that is of strong value to both job seekers and employers.   A series of core breakout sessions will exist side-by-side with impromptu sessions upon most any topic.  Let’s hear your thoughts and ideas!

What is the cost to job seekers?  It’s absolutely free!  Well, almost.  We ask that you bring canned or non-perishable food items that we can donate to a local food bank.  Help us to help those in need here in Milwaukee.

See more about JobCamp, sponsor or sign up yourself!




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