Sound Travels Friday…a Rockin’ End of The Week

soundtravels_logo1A day of brief descriptions and the bright light distraction of a season about to shift its gears and finally go toward spring. A sunny day today, and an end to the theme we shared this week. The old-school R&B, rock and soul we started on Monday, continued on Wednesday, comes to an end today with a set of Afrro-rock and rhythm to go with a rocker out of Hungary that fills the need. If you missed it, here you go again…

Sound Travels Friday : Rock and Rhythm, Soul and Blues


1. Abstract Truth : “Moving Away”…from South Africa we start with some instrumental, psychedelic goodness, starts jazzy, only to pick the groove up nicely near the end.

2. ???? : “Punch Bowl” …and on into a cut I know little about other than it’s from an album of Black rock from the UK. Session cats Im guessin’, but they are very good on the two cuts I have from ’em here today. Enjoy the mystery.

3. Sarolta Zalatnay : “Késó Esti  Órán”…here is my second artist that has two in today’s set. Hungarian Sarolta Zalatnay, who is a critical find and an early rocker from his country. This is a DJ find and an old school rocker…

4. ???? : “Heavy Water”…see “Punch Bowl” above…

5. Sarolta Zalatnay : “Itt A Nyár”…so good I had him on the show twice, hope you liked it.

Of course, if you are so inspired to travel, hit me up here with your ideas. Tune in next week for more glogal music from the women of reggae on Sound Travels, and only on 88Nine RadioMilwaukee.


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  1. That Abstract Truth track … it’s great.

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