Tonight RadioMilwaukeeans are out and about. Peter Adams and I will be at the Bonnie “Prince” Billy show at Turner Ballroom. Doors open at 7pm and music starts at 8pm.

DJ Jordan can be found in his usual Wednesday night spot for the Miltown Beatdown. Stop by the Jackalope Lounj from 10pm-Midnight to see how far some of the talent has traveled in the past couple months. We are closing in on the April finals…

Thursday, Music Under Glass welcomes The Scarring Party to The Domes from 6:30-8:30pm to share their unique brand of “end timey” music.

And Friday, kick off your weekend with a spoiler of a MAM After Dark with the Fountain of Youth collaboration between MIAD first-year students and established, Milwaukee-based artists. Rishi Tea will be on-hand to provide some tea-sipping and Neroli doles out complimentary hair, makeup, and massage services. And of course DJ Tarik will command the decks for your musical enjoyment from 5pm-Midnight.

See you out there!


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