Sound Travels Friday: Full Circle With The Women Of Reggae

soundtravels_logo1Friday, as the week closes so the cycle of Sound Travels. And we just wrapped up another week in March with more from the women of reggae music as we continue to honor the immense contributions of women throughout Womens History Month.

Today’s set started with the force of nature that is Queen Ifrica, who is a voice of positivity, vowing to “burn out” negative trends and contrary influences. Her cut “Born Free” a good start for the set, vibing with the overall tone of Sound Travels and a good tune to boot. From here we get started again, this time with Krakow, Poland’s Ragana. A band led by the melodic voice of Jahga; the cut, a dubby “Where This Love Goes,” is super rootsy, and at the same time pioneering since no one makes True reggae like this in Poland…pioneering!

From here, we go riddimwise with a pair on the classic Calico Suit Riddim, first from Marcia Aitken and then from Althea & Donna. The A & D version “Uptown Top Rankin” actually hit number 1 in the UK in ’78 showing the tune’s value and credential. From here we get with Sister Nancy’s crucial “Gwaan A School” from her album One, Two; kids, follow her advice and stay in school, it has never sounded so cool. Which leaves us with the last cut for today, Aisha’s “Creator,” which is a spritually tinged tune produced by the legendary Mad Professor and has a UK reggae vibe, a little stepper’s vibe and a lovely beat. If you missed the set, here you go…

Sound Travels Friday: The Women Of Reggae


1. Queen Ifrica : “Born Free”

2. Ragana : “Where This Love Goes”

3. Marcia Aitken : “I’m Still In Love”

4. Althea & Donna : “Uptown Top Rankin'”

5. Sister Nancy : “Gwaan A School”

6. Aisha : “Creator”


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