Sound Travels Wednesday: Women of Reggae

Somehow this may have not been published on Wednesday as it should have, appearing on the blog list and then vanishing…bah! computers!  Thanks to Katie for bringing this to my attention…

soundtravels_logo1Sound Travels a lot more these days, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to play some different music and today set picks up right where I left off on Monday with the Women Of Reggae. Today, the set was very modern with some relatively new artists in the mix to go with some classics. I started with Cherine Anderson, whose “Kingston State Of Mind” is a tone-setter and made me really want to hit you all up with Mr. Vegas’ version on the same riddim’ (“Lean Wid’ It”). It was the teaser spot however so I had a shot at restarting with something on the One More Dance Riddim, this one from Audrey Hall’s 1986 gem 8 Little Notes, a crucial version from a little known singer.

From here I got mashie with some refixed Dawn Penn, a sister who recorded briefly, and whose classic “No No No” gets a fix-up from DJ Spooky here. And this all fits nicely with the dancehall vibes fro the rude-gyal Lady Saw– who never saw a mic she couldn’t bless with aggressive, over-the-top lyricism reminiscent of many of her male counterparts in the hardcore dancehalls of Kingston, Jamaica. From here, I head in to the home stretch with Tasha T, who is out of Toronto, and applies her sing-jay style to this Desmond Dekker classic. Which, as it turns out, works well to keep the tone positive after a dose of the Lady Saw. And works again with this last number from with The Snugs, who have a

Sound Travels Wednesday : The Women Of Reggae


1. Cherine Anderson : “Kingston State Of Mind(Gully Mix)”

2. Audrey Hall : “One Dance Won’t Do”

3. Dawn Penn : “No No No Remix (DJ Spooky)”

4. Lady Saw : “No Drop Di Ting”

5. Tasha T : “Intensify”

6. The Snugs : “Trying”


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