Freebie: The Decemberists, “Hazards of Love 1 (The Prettiest Whistles Wont Wrestles the Thristles Undone)”


As some of you know, RadioMilwaukee is proud to welcome the band The Decemberists on Friday, May 29th to The Riverside Theater. The Decemeberists have become one of the world’s most unique bands around. They have released their fifth album entitled “The Hazards of Love”

The band’s fifth album, The Hazards of Love, represents the most glorious kind of messing around. It’s the most ambitious and most accomplished project to date from the Portland-based quintet of Meloy, Chris Funk, Jenny Conlee, Nate Query, and John Moen—a full-length song cycle rooted in ancient language and imagery, yet entirely modern and accessible. The follow-up to the group’s 2006 breakthrough, The Crane Wife (which National Public Radio listeners in the US voted their favourite album of the year), The Hazards of Love solidifies the Decemberists’ standing as one of the most innovative and important creative forces in music today.

The album began when Meloy—long fascinated by the British folk revival of the 1960s—found a copy of revered vocalist Anne Briggs’s 1966 EP, titled The Hazards of Love. Since there was actually no song with the album’s title, he set out to write one. Soon, though, he was launched into something much larger than just a new composition.

So if you are a Colin Meloy/Decemeberists fan and can’t wait for the show here is free track to tie you over until their May 29th show at The Riverside Theater.

The Decemberists – “Hazards of Love 1(The Prettiest Whistles Wont Wrestles the Thristles Undone)” via RCRDLBL


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