Sound Travels Wednesday: Soundclash

soundtravels_logo1Sound Travels Wednesday has been a beat-heavy experience long on the dance. I think I just felt the need to get moving on hump-day, so here’s how it went down…

With Morocco rockin’ the start, I have an unknown entity working the rhythm on a song that is gnawa to the core. Gnawa, which has its roots in Central Africa, is trance music, meant to deliver you to a spiritual space, and a good center to spin the set from. Added some beats from L.A.’s Flying Lotus, whose “Paris Goldfish” came out on his last album and tribute to his hometown Los Angeles, is so futuristic, that it might as well be world music– good enough for me.

From here we got pretty then gritty, with something beautiful from Germany in a Latin style that is quite fresh, Braunschweiger’s JuJu Orchestra delivers a shimmery tune that mixes perfectly with DJ Bhuvi’s bhangra beats. Bhangra, from Northern India is a style I can’t leave alone and why should I? This cut is from a new UK release featuring some of the choicest artist working right now. Keep at it y’all’s, Desi music rules– Wahe guru ji ka Khalsa, Wahe Gur ji ki fateh!

Black Stars have a great new album of new afro-pop from Ghana and “Abelle” makes the mix for today because it works so well with the vibe, as would half of the material from this nice comp. Farid made it to Monday’s set and I ain’t done with those Rai instrumentals that he put out several years ago. Desert synths snuggle dunes of groove that gather the eye towards horizons we can only yearn to reach, music that on first listen seems as cheesy as my description, but wears well in the groove. Setting us up for our finale today with the original theme for Jah army, AKA the Drumline Riddim which dropped in 07 and still heats a mix there and here.

The set stops with a perverse revision of Portugal’s most beloved genre, fado. Which finds an odd partner here as I mixed Marceneiro’s “O Lenço” with Strategy’s “Going street Dub,” and while the mix is just a smidge off, it’s the fusion of elements that makes it work, and unlike anything you’ve heard today. If you missed the set, here you go again…

Sound Travels Wednesday : Soundclash



1. Unknown : “Gnawa No.5” Unknown Album

2. Flying Lotus : “Parisian Goldfish” Los Angeles

3. JuJu Orchestra : “Nao Posso Demorar (Dubben Remix)” Remixes #2

4. DJ Bhuvi feat. Laabh Janjuva : “Taashan Yaaran De” 100%

5. Black Stars : “Abelle” Black Stars-Ghana’s HipLife Generation

6. Farid : “El Bahia” Rai Instrumentals vol-1

7. Supa Dupa : “Drumline” Drumline Riddim’

8. Strategy : “Going Street Dub” Shockout

9. Marceneiro : “O Lenço”


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  1. A friend, musician and activist, Mark Murphy, just gave me word from their excursion through Asia. He says: “Sri Lanka is such a beautiful country with some of the nicest people I have ever met….This was one of the most interesting countries I have ever been to.” This makes me want to hear and learn some music from the genre Baila.

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