Thursday’s Top 5: Best Concept Albums

So it’s that Thursday tradition of Top 5 lists and Scott Mullins and I have a good theme for you allimages1 today: Concept Albums. Here’s what we came up with…


Kraftwerk : “Trans-Europe Express” – Their concept was a Europe without borders pushing reality digitally, electronically…concept album or is it just visionary? These guys helped put electronic music on a conceptually high platform.


The Everly Brothers: “Turn Around” – When the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper dropped, it changed the game for pop musicians of the era, many changed their images and tried in vain to create their own success along the lines that the Beatles had established. For many, the tinkering was a wasted effort, not true here, the Everly’s returned to their roots, and grew their own success story with this album (Roots)


Dr. Octogon “3000” – The start of Kieth’s helter-skelter solo career, the first of many personalities and among the best of them. Among the others, Dr. Doom, Black Elvis stand out too. (hon. mention Prince Paul & MF Doom)


The Kinks : “Village Green Presentation Society” – Ray Davies crafted the album as a gentle homage to English hamlet life and, by extension, to the innocence and idealization of past times and people. It is a love letter, with a ironic sting, to an idealized England already gone.


Pink Floyd : “Money” – And how can you dispute this? They practically define the term “concept album” with this one from one of the most successful albums of all time (Dark Side Of The Moon). The album covers all the stages of a human being’s life and inspired a new generation of prog rockers.

Marcus’ iMix

Scott’s iMix


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