Bass(ic) Needs: Taliesin Beats and a Bersa Disco, Dutty Artz Herald the Tropical Bass


I was thinking I would pass along something that my guy Taliesin passed along to me the other day, a mix that I want to share with you all today; a little something for your basic need for new, fresh music that happens to have a lot of low end in its theory. This one is good, so don’t hesitate to grab it or anything from the company that Taliesin keeps. The crew that he is a party to is the NYC crew Dutty Artz, which includes Matt Shadetek, a crucial emcee Jahdan,  and the always worldly dj/Rupture to name a few; a crew that has been a driving force behind a movement that is known as Tropical Bass. What is Tropcal Bass you might ask… it is what it sounds like, all things tropical with a bit more bass figured into the configuration. It could sound like a lot and generally does with dancehall, cumbia, reggaeton and pretty much anything else that owes its origins to the tropics with heavy bass, dubstep and other electronics in a grimey-good mix that can bend in so many directions that it makes me want to dance just describing the sound.

Dutty Artz has the goods, they describe themselves as “… actually a person. She is more than a label, she is a music, television, multimedia web 2.0 copacetic media mafia. DJ /Rupture and Matt Shadetek are the good and bad cop. Geko Jones is the flyspace ambassador.” Here are some of their TV episodes…

I needed to give you the details on the crew, but the point of this blogpeace is to hook you up with something and introduce you to the hombre that did it done; Taliesin. He’s been touring Europe lately and found the time to drop a line from Hungary to let me know all is fine and in his words…

I’ve got a new mix done- been recording sets with more of the music ive been listening to recently, cumbia, ny hiphop, and  as always bass heavy bangers with that nice metalic sheen.

Taliesin : Samizdat Mix


“Samizdat” Tracklist:
So So Gutter – Hatescrwen
De Tropix – TapTap
Busy Signal -Murderer (w/ Alborosie)
Lorn – Requiem Ft. Mobb Deep)
Verbal – (Prefuse 73 Dipped in Chrome Cadillac Remix)
Red Cafe- Hottest in the Hood
Viento Calido – Cumbia Titanic
I Get It in (Inst)
Serani – No Games
DJ Miguelon -Cada Vez RMIX Cumbia The Version
Leif- Timbs (Neon Coyote Slow Jam)
Jet Black – Hood Nigga (Lazer Swords Remix)
Sonido Changa- Cumbia De Los Amigos
Earth- Teeth of Lions Rule the Devine
L-Vis 1990 – Flux
I love NY – (Baobinga’s Fuck U Mix)
Jahdan – Go Round Payolla (Bye HAters Shadetek Remix)
G-Sidez – Hit Da Block ( Feat Shyft)
Taliesin – Damn


May UK Tour (with a quick trip to Austria)
02. Sibin Festival DUBLIN
09  The Old Bell DERBY
13  Hardknock at The Social LDN
15  Absolutely Free Festival Graz, Austria
16- Nuke Them All LDN
23- Cosies Bristol


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  1. i totally was going to play this as i worked…..but the player cannot find file.

  2. one more nice topic in your blog and nice comments too keep it up, by the way Graz is a very lovely city I enjoyed it so much

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