K’Naan On Somali Pirates…

Many of you in the know enough to read the news knows that there is a serious case of terror on the high sea off the coast of Somalia. The region is known as the Horn of Africa and is highly volatile as the area is geographically specific to Somalia and that Somalia has no government per se. Instead they got some scallywags with dinghies, rocket launchers on skiffs ready to board yer tanker and ransom them back. On the surface, it seems to be mere criminality, but K’Naan has not only new music here at 88Nine but also a point to make on this subject. Let’s hear him out…


One Response

  1. Another lesson from K’Naan gotta love him. I feel for the people of Somalia, as this affects them in so many ways. Malnourishment and starvation is awful, and half their population (like 4 million people) depends on shipments of food. The UN issued a plea with the world’s navies in 2007, now a navy escort warship has to accompany each food ship. Let’s hope the new president of Somalia eventually brings peace between the warring clans and stabilizes a government, full with punishment for these greedy pirates.

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