Sound Travels Friday: Global Acoustics

soundtravels_logo1A brief post for today’s Sound Travels, more of a mere tracklisting actually. The finale for this week’s theme of acoustic music from around the world included more Brazilian guitar. This time from, Caetano Veloso, who I played earlier in the week, as well as more Jorge Ben to go with the subtle, proto acoustic disco of their countryman Wando. Round the set out with shamisen, traditional Japanese music, and a bit of acoustic Peter Tosh— and bango, you got Friday’s Sound Travels. If you missed it, listen here…

Sound Travels Friday : Global Acoustics



1. Peter Tosh : “Get Up, Stand Up”

2. Naguato Sham : “Kokaji(The Little Swordsmith)”

3. Wando : “Gosta De Maça”

4. Jose Gonzalez : “Teardrop”

5. Caetano Veloso : “It’s A Long Way”

6. Jorge Ben & Toquinho : “Carolina Carol Bela”


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