Radio Killer’s Spring Break

Hey its me Jimorrio again. This is Discovery World up above. I spent about a week here and it was pretty fun. There was this program called investigation dissections. Its were a group of people, my age, get together gather a bunch of old tech like lab tops, cell phones, radios, and a lot more. The person that ran it was Paul. I forget his last name but he’s a nice guy, he taught me about solder, circuit, and circuit boards. Another guy named Alex was there, he taught me how to “circuit bend.” For example, I took a regular old baby’s toy which I took apart. Then I crossed some wires, added some switches, and closed it back up. It’s like a Frankenstein experiment. I turn it on and it works just fine and I flipped a switch that I added to the toy and it switches the messages. It get funny because it make strange noises and sort circuits itself. I wish that i can do it again but in the summer in coast $300 dollars.


This is called a light spider. It suppose to scoot its way towards bright light, like a fly towards bright light


This is just an old toy someone donated. I cracked it open solder some wires added some switch and there we have it.


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